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Feng Shui Stories: The King Dog

Emperor Qin's throne

Today, I would like recall the true story of a Feng Shui consultation I did many years ago now.  I’d travelled out to rural Cambridgeshire. At the time I was living in Buckingham, but travelled the UK and would drive…
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Bally Sagoo Recommends Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Indian Music Star, Bally Sagoo

The Indian Music Producer and Movie Star Talks on Work, Culture and Feng Shui Amongst fans of Indian music, Bally Sagoo needs little introduction. An English born Sikh, Bally Sagoo revolutionised Indian music through the 90s by taking culturally important…
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Rising Dragon Feng Shui Predict the Fortunes of Indian Music Producer Bally Sagoo

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Bally Sagoo is one of my star regular clients who have had excellent results with me. Why? Because they have followed my advice to the letter. Bally Sagoo and Sita Sagoo are the Posh and Becks of the Indian Music…
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