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Rising Dragon Feng Shui Predict the Fortunes of Indian Music Producer Bally Sagoo

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Bally Sagoo is one of my star regular clients who have had excellent results with me. Why? Because they have followed my advice to the letter. Bally Sagoo and Sita Sagoo are the Posh and Becks of the Indian Music world and anybody who is Indian will know that. They can hire anyone they like to consult for them but after all their research for the best Chinese Feng Shui consultant, they choose me. Not only did they call upon my services once, but they were so impressed by the results, they have sought my consultation services three times for the different house and business premises they had and I happily service them.

Indian Music Star, Bally SagooIndian Music Star, Bally Sagoo

Why did they have three consultations with me? After my predictions were accurate the first time and results very good, they were just too clever to rest on their laurels or leave anything to chance so they called me in again. For many people, when bad things happen to them, they are the first to sound their drum but when good happens, they keep quiet so nobody knows. Many people are selfish and will not publicly tell people about things that can benefit others. Bally Sagoo and Sita are not like that. They have had very good experience of what good Feng Shui can do – open doors, increased money making opportunities, multiply business prosperity, healthy body. It is my pleasure to have their blessing in sharing their testimonial Feng Shui story with people from the Indian community and anyone who wants to know whether or Feng Shui is for real and if they should hire me.

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Good Karma and Great Blessings will go to Bally Sagoo and Sita for letting people know that having good Feng Shui will help you in your life and bring you prosperity and having bad Feng Shui will bring the opposite. Thank you to Bally Sagoo and Sita, my clients who have become my friends for this photo testimonial.

The Story

I first consulted for Bally Sagoo in 2002 when Bally moved to a new place in Solihull near Birmingham. He was already a very successful in the music industry having received numerous awards for his musical talents and producing new talents. However, being a very intelligent individual who is the upwardly mobile type, Bally and his partner Sita know that even if you are already successful, things can be always made even better with achieving good Feng Shui. They have already heard stories about how Feng Shui can change a person’s career, wealth, fame, health, and relationships for the better if a place has good Feng Shui. Even bad luck can be lessened and good luck increased. Feng Shui was already well known in India and in England, so as their good Karma would have it, they hired my services when they moved into their new house near Solihull.

When I got there, they did not behave like the way you would expect people like them to behave at all. I found them very down to earth and friendly. I also found out just how big Bally really was in the Indian music community.

Those who know Indian Music know Bally Sagoo. From Bhangra to Hindi, Reggae to Dance, Mainstream to Underground, Bally Sagoo has mixed them all in over thirty albums to date. On top of being the Indian equivalent of Fat Boy Slim and the man accredited with single handedly pulling Indian Music into the twenty-first century, Bally Sagoo also runs his own label ISHQ Records, who’ve started the careers of fine young talents like Gunjan, Kenz and the Dub Factory. In 2003 when Bally Sagoo and his partner Sita moved to a new place in Solihull, near Birmingham, they called on Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang to make sure that Feng Shui wouldn’t hamper their climb to ever greater superstardom.

“When I grew up I found the mix of influences hard to get with,” said Bally. “My parents filled our house with roots and tradition of our Indian ancestry and culture, but outside this was modern day Birmingham. I just couldn’t relate to our traditional music. There didn’t seem to be anything funky about it. And where were the bass lines anyway?”

“I am an Asian, loud and proud, and there are great wisdoms held within the Asian cultures. I’m also British and enjoy all the modern things that the UK has, but I never forget the power of the secrets held within our ancient cultures. I hope to have captured all these influences in my music for people all around the world to relate to. For me, my music represents bringing different worlds together and uniting them as one”

Much as the way many Asian cultures share ideas, so to Bally’s work has opened up British culture to integrate with Indian views. But they don’t end there! They also use Chinese Feng Shui to help them achieve their fullest potential.

“There are real secrets out there within the Asian community,” said Bally “but finding a good practitioner is hard. Having spoken to Angela Ang of Rising Dragon Feng Shui I was confident that we’d found the right person – an Asian expert on an Asian system, but one who was modern, realistic and practical too. I wouldn’t have time for anyone who isn’t a real expert, but Angela really helped us”

“We’ve been looking at Feng Shui for a while”, adds Sita, Bally Sagoo’s partner. Glamorous enough to be a Bollywood star herself, Sita deals with much of the business side at ISHQ Records so Bally Sagoo can remain focused on being creative.

So how did this famous couple first start using Feng Shui?

Like most people, they first started by using Feng Shui objects. When they started learning more and more about Feng Shui, they decided to have Feng Shui done in their house professionally.

“We started by using a few items and I can vouch for the power of the Laughing Buddha! Since we first got a Laughing Buddha statue and put it in the office, I’ve had so much extra luck! Deals would go through smoother, opportunities would come up – now I have many Laughing Buddha statues around the house.”

Laughing Buddha statue

Using the Laughing Buddha is a type of Feng Shui symbology. When Rising Dragon Feng Shui conduct an audit we will use Feng Shui symbology as well as many formulas for finding, controlling and harvesting the flows of Chi in the environment. For Feng Shui to be at it’s most effective, symbolic elements must be strengthened further by correct manipulation of the natural forces. My teacher and Grandmaster, His Holiness Grandmaster Sheng-yen Lu once said:

In the study of land features, I have my own tricks of the trade. I pay attention to the owner’s Five Elements – gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Once these elements are identified, I look at the land concerned. The land also has these five elements. The relation between the person’s Five Elements and those of his land (or house) can be either harmonious or contradictory. Harmony augurs wealth and contradiction foretells poverty.

When I enter a house, I can identify immediately where its store of wealth is. I make a special effort to make the store of wealth really collect vitality forces as well as wealth.

I have a verse about how to get rich:

If the developing forces come in by the hall,
The store of wealth never suffers a fall.
If you remember to put in the store plants green forever,
The family will certainly grow for ever and ever.

After I had completed analyzing the Feng Shui of their new residence I told them, “This house is a really good move for you, Bally and Sita. In this house you can use a type of high level formula called Five Ghosts. It is not possible to do it in all houses but in this one, you can! It’s very good luck on their behalf that they can enjoy such a home. If you activate accordingly to my instructions, you will soon see results.”

I then gave Bally and Sita a very clear prediction. With their new Feng Shui supporting them, the rise and fame of Bally Sagoo and ISHQ Records will certainly reach new heights. Both the company and the personally will continue to become bigger and bigger with success following success! I predict that Bally and ISHQ will be at the cutting edge of the Bollywood music scene as it enters the mainstream in the West.

So what happened to Bally Sagoo?

Two years have passed since I first advised Bally Sagoo. In that time he did prosper even more. When I saw them again, they told me from when they had finished setting up the activations, results came straight away. The phones ringing off the hook!! More companies requested Bally for appearances and performances than Bally Sagoo had time to do! Bally Sagoo even had to turn down musical performances because he just had more bookings than he could physically do! It was too coincidental, but at that time, I just made another convert. I turned Bally into a Feng Shui believer!

Bally Sagoo made so much more than what he normally did, he married Sita in what was called the wedding of the year! When I went to visit them again, they showed me their wedding video and what a wedding it was. It really was the wedding of the year! Thanks to them, they have given me the photos to put on the web to prove it! The wedding was held on at Heythrop Hall, an Oxfordshire stately home, and friends and family mixed with celebrities to celebrate the couple’s great happiness.

After the wedding Bally Sagoo and Sita moved again and asked me back for more Feng Shui consultation. From when I first consulted for them, they have moved to an even larger property on a huge private estate. You have to drive two miles across woods, ponds and rivers where you can see deer, pheasants and wild animals before you can even get to their country house! (With so many fans always wanting to have a peek at their house, they had to move to a more secluded place for privacy). They are opening a new recording studio and Bally Sagoo will star in a forthcoming Indian movie taking his career from artist, to producer to actor. The story of Bally Sagoo’s rise and rise is a great story. I am happy they testify to me Angela Ang helping them prosper. I am even happier that they are spreading the good word of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui to everybody who reads this. From their own experience they know that Feng Shui is for real. They believe that if more people have their Feng Shui audited, it really can help them towards greater success and lessen their troubles. Bad Karma can be reduced and even escaped if you know how.

So if you want to ask me “Does Feng Shui work? Is it worth the money for a consultation? I think with Bally Sagoo’s story, the question has already been answered.

Better yet, don’t ask me, ask my clients. Then decide for yourself!

Angela and all at Rising Dragon Feng Shui wish Bally Sagoo and Sita all the very best and we leave you with these exclusive photos covering their amazing wedding:

Heythrop Hall in Oxfordshire - the site of the wedding of the year

Heythrop Hall in Oxfordshire – the site of the wedding of the year

Bally and Stia, the bride and groom in one of several exquisite outfits they'd wear that day

Bally and Stia, the bride and groom in one of several exquisite outfits they’d wear that day

Bally and Sita in a second outfit

Bally and Sita in a second outfit

Heythrop Hall hosting this event summed up the blend of East meets West energies that typify how advanced UK culture is

Heythrop Hall hosting this event summed up the blend of East meets West energies that typify how advanced UK culture is

Naturally this was a moment for all the family to share in and didn't they look great?

Naturally this was a moment for all the family to share in and didn’t they look great?

Inside family, friends and celebrities came to pay tribute and wish the newly weds well

Inside family, friends and celebrities came to pay tribute and wish the newly weds well

Bally and Sita Sagoo

Bally and Sita Sagoo