Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Master Angela Ang

Montage of 18 years of Master Ang doing Feng Shui

Angela Ang has dedicated herself to providing the essential resources of caring, educating and inspiring, as well as providing specific insights to help people immediately transform the quality of their lives. Her unique expounding of the Four Life Influences™, has seen her build an impressive reputation for personal and professional change.

Angela is an increasingly familiar figure in the media with features on Sky, the BBC and Channel 4. Despite her rise to fame, Angela remains a well grounded individual.

“Regardless of the hype and accolades people have lavished on me, my purpose is increasingly clear to me. My role is a catalyst for positive change, and those who have the affinity to find me know that I’m very real.”


People from all walks of life – from the most humble to the movers and shakers of the world – have called upon Angela Ang to secure their continued success and make them the best they can possibly be. They’ve included lawyers, accountants, politicians, doctors, managers and business owners. Ms. Ang’s eldest client to date has been 72 and her youngest just 22 and she has assisted with problems including financial entrapment, strange and conventionally untreatable illnesses, depression and repetitive relationship collapse. She has audited a huge range of businesses from celebrity musicians and elite sports people to the giant Embassy Gardens development and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) Birmingham.

Angela's past client logos

Her clients and students now encompass the Western and Eastern worlds with large numbers in the UK, USA, Canada and Singapore.

Angela’s Lineage

Master Ang has trained under a wide variety of masters including several of the most famous and respected Feng Shui masters in the world. As Confucius famously said “If I could live another 20 years, it would be worth it to study the I-Ching alone”, so too she continues to train and study deeper the wisdom within Chinese metaphysics.

Some of the masters she’s trained with have been:

There have been a great many others in the fields of spirituality, healing arts and personal development.

Angela’s Ancestry

Angela was born in Malaysia, but her families orgins can be traced back through Taiwan and into China with the Fujian people. These Hokkien speaking Chinese are famous for their preservation of the Classical Chinese Arts and many of the world’s greatest Masters, like Grandmaster Lu and Grandmaster Yap are Hokkien speakers.

Legendary Shaolin Kung Fu Master, Master Ang Lian Huat is actually one of Angela’s ancestors. Master Ang founded the Nam Yang Kung Fu association in the last century, making it one of the oldest Kung Fu Associations in the world today. The Nam Yang system includes many amazing Chi secrets including the famous Iron Shirt Chi Gung and also auspicious Lion and Dragon Dancing.