Rising Dragon Feng Shui

His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Grand Master Sheng-Yen Lu

His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu is foremost lineage master of Rising Dragon Feng Shui and through His empowerment and blessing we wholeheartedly work to repay the generosity He has shown us by taking us as His disciples. Without the lineage of our Grand Master we would not be able to be speak the truth of Feng Shui.

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama meeting His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama meeting His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng

The founder of the Zhen Fo Zhong (or True Buddha School) lineage of Buddhism, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu was born on the eighteenth of the fifth Lunar month, 1945, in the county of Chiayi at Taiwan. His religious background includes Christianity, Taoism, Sutrayana and Tantric Buddhism. His Taoist and Nyingmapa Buddhist lineage came via the venerable monk, Liao Ming. His Sakya Buddhist lineage comes via His Eminence Master Sakya Zhen Kong (Deshung Rinpoche III in Tibetan). His Kagyu lineage comes directly from His Holiness the 16th Gyalwang Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje and his Gelug lineage was via Guru Thubten Daergye, who was also guru to Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai.

Grand Master Sheng Yen Lu

Grand Master Lu keeps a disciplined schedule throughout the day and has been practising yoga and meditation everyday for over fifty years. He has already reached the stage in which any yoga He engages in manifests a response. His inner world encompasses the Buddhist Tripitaka as well as the knowledge of the Supreme Consciousness of the Universe. Having achieved true and correct enlightenment, Grand Master Lu is revered by his students as a Living Buddha. In English, we refer to His Holiness as the Lotus Light Buddha of Freedom and Self Mastery because Grand Master’s teachings enable us to overcome and transcend the problems that love, wealth, career, health and family may pose. His teaching is a most complete Dharma encompassing Feng Shui, Meditation, Qi Gong, Healing and Inner Realisation – in short, all that one needs to lead a successful, happy and fulfilled life.

More specifically, the type of Feng Shui used in True Buddha School is quite different from that most commonly found in the West, even amongst those who know advanced systems like San He and San Yuan. The True Buddha School Feng Shui system acknowledges the presence of spiritual forces in the place we live such as spirits of the land, of trees, of rivers and many others. In addition, the yin house practices are in a different league to those who only have a compass. There are techniques for making skylights or other openings as if they didn’t exist without structural modifications being made, for changing the entire energy field of a house and for completely mitigating even severe sources of sha qi.

A clip from Grandmaster Lu’s December 2017 ceremony in Indonesia gives an idea of the scale of respect he has achieved with students travelling from around the world to attend:

During his visit to India, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng taught high Tibetan masters methods to pacify the negative energies near His Holiness The Dalai Lama’s residence in Dharamasala. Since being forced to move there, His Holiness The Dalai Lama had had great success in showing the world that there are more intelligent options available than simply trying to meet force with force. However he had been subject to much petty attacks and His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng pointed out the sources of these in the mountain ranges around the residence, together with methods of pacifying them.

There are many stories of His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng’s own Feng Shui skills. It’s worth noting that he bought an area of land in Seattle, USA to found the HQ of True Buddha School in the 1980s. He did so because this spot occupies the “head of the dragon” position, at the end of a huge dragon’s vein. As he bought that spot, a young bespeckled man bought the adjacent plot to place the HQ of his growing business. That man was the young Bill Gates and Microsoft HQ occupy the “body of the dragon” position next door to this day.

Since then, the number of students all over the world who have taken refuge in Grand Master Lu has reached over five million, making the True Buddha School a major component of modern Buddhism. There are also more than three hundred local chapters of the True Buddha School, including 30 major temples. Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu is also a prolific writer with over 285 Chinese books already in print.

Master Angela Ang was an early disciple of His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng, taking refuge whilst still a child in the 80s.

Master Charlotte Frejya-Richwoods took her refuge initiation aged 20 in the mid 90s having been introduced by Master Ang.

Both have received many empowerments from him, attended many of his teachings online and in person and had many personal responses from him both in person, in writing and through spiritual practice.