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Since 2000, Rising Dragon Feng Shui has been dedicated to providing the essential resources of caring, educating and inspiring, as well as providing specific insights to help people immediately transform the quality of their lives.

Feng Shui Master Angela Ang on site at a consultationWhen to hire a Feng Shui consultant whilst buying a new build property?Year of the Earth Pig 2019MOREMOREMaster Ang on BBC World NewsAngela's Feng Shui for Bally Sagoo

Angela’s Feng Shui for multi platinum selling artist Bally Sagoo.

Angela’s Feng Shui for multi platinum selling artist Bally Sagoo.

Angela’s Feng Shui for multi platinum selling artist Bally Sagoo.


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Our award winning international Feng Shui consultant, Master Angela Ang is based in London and would like to help you, wherever you are, right now.

Recent Updates:

Master Ang & BBC Radio 5 Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year is one of the world’s greatest celebrations and indeed there are many other calendars which also recognise today as the start of the new year of the Earth Pig. These include the Tibetan Losar, Vietnamese Tet, Japan’s…Read more

Save Your Bacon in the Year of the Earth Pig

I won’t mince my words – a new year has given the chop to the Year of the Earth Dog. How do we get off to a crackling start? Will the politicians spend another year ribbing one another? Is the…Read more

Master Ang has previously visited Italy to Feng Shui both personal residences and factories

Master Ang to Visit Italy

Master Ang will be in Rome, Italy in the last week of October. Whilst some of the time will be spent in spiritual retreat with one her gurus, there will still be time to explore a little and connect with…Read more

Oxford Circus tube in Central London

Feng Shui Of An Unusual Shaped Building

Walk around any major city and you’re sure after a while to spot a few strange shaped buildings. If you click the video above, you’ll hear Master Angela Ang give a few words on a building she spotted whilst travelling…Read more

A massive Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare

War Up Above Starts Tomorrow – Get Ready Now!

In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, we believe that the universe and everything in it are subject to patterns which are predictable. In the past, I’ve spoken about how science is now coming together with this. Research by the US…Read more

Robbie Williams Angels cover

Robbie Williams’ Ba Zi Chinese Astrology Horoscope

Former Take That singer, Robbie Williams has been back in the headlines this week but more for the head than the well sung lines as he spoke openly for the first time about his mental health issues. It might not…Read more

Motorola’s Secret Patented Feng Shui Technology

Feng Shui often seems inconceivable. It can sound a tall tale that the difference between normal and depressed is just a few degrees on the compass or that moving into a certain building will turn a God fearing prude into…Read more

Snowfall in Keswick, England

Can Feng Shui Help Us Keep Warm?

What with #theBeastFromTheEast causing households across Britain to wrap up and close the windows as The Met Office predicts temperatures of minus 10 – 15ºC, I’m feeling fairly confident in my preparations for what the press are dubbing “The Great British…Read more

The National Gallery on Trafalgar Square on Chinese New Year 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year 2018 In London Chinatown

The year of the Earth Dog is well underway. Although Chinese New Celebrations in the Far East are absolutely one of the seven wonders of Chinese culture, the Chinese and greater Asian community and their friends come out in force…Read more