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Bally Sagoo Recommends Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Indian Music Star, Bally Sagoo

The Indian Music Producer and Movie Star Talks on Work, Culture and Feng Shui

Amongst fans of Indian music, Bally Sagoo needs little introduction. An English born Sikh, Bally Sagoo revolutionised Indian music through the 90s by taking culturally important and iconic traditional melodies and laying them on top of modern Western beats. From the ground breaking release ‘Magic Touch‘ which brought Sufi religious chants to a dance beat, Bally Sagoo’s career has epitomised the fusion of tradition and modernity, East and West.

Bally Sagoo with his Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang
Bally Sagoo and family with Angela in 2006.

It’s therefore of little surprise that Bally Sagoo has taken ideas from other cultures and made them part of his lifestyle. Certainly his use of traditional Chinese Feng Shui underlines his ability to see the reasons it has been held in such high esteem in it’s native culture. And like the way Bally Sagoo has been part of a movement that has brought Indian music to a much wider international audience, Feng Shui is proving just as appetising to people outside the Far East as curry is an established part of life in England.

“I highly recommend Angela Ang’s Rising Dragon Feng Shui” said Bally Sagoo. “She has done work for me five times so far and I have been happy with what she has done each time. That is why I’m happy to tell everybody about Angela’s good work. I consult her regularly and have found her advice to be of great use. When you use the good Feng Shui available to you it’s much easier to do well in whatever you do and when you tap bad Feng Shui you have to work ten times as hard to get half the result! Why make your life hard when it can be easier?”

Bally Sagoo previously gave testimonial to Angela’s Feng Shui prowess after their collaboration boosted him to a string of successes culminating in his magnificent wedding on an English stately home. A number of pictures were exclusively released through rising-dragon.co.uk and can be seen on the first Bally Sagoo Feng Shui testimonial. Since more recent work with Angela, Bally has gone on to star in his first movie, ‘Sajna ve sajna‘ and has built a new recording studio. Bally Sagoo’s fans can watch out for more releases in the near future!

Bally Sagoo and Angela AngBally Sagoo and Angela Ang in 2008

“I’m very glad that I can make people aware of the many things there are out there that can enhance our lives” continues Bally. “When I first tried Feng Shui, I didn’t know that much about how important it is. Now, years later, I’m much more aware of it and ask Angela whenever I plan a new project. Whether you’re looking to make further sucesses in your career or your life has taken a dip and you need help getting back on your way, I know Angela will do her best to help you and that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend her to you as the Feng Shui consultant I use”.

There’s lots that Bally Sagoo would like to do. A second movie? More releases to his catalog of albums? More world tours? A school for aspiring DJs? To let the cat out of the bag would spoil the fun but sure to join Bally Sagoo’s mailing list on his ISHQ recording label website for all the action as it happens.