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When Claim Link, a personal injury claims firm, first approached us to Feng Shui their Wolverhampton office, we were intrigued. Aren’t these firms just out to exploit people? Are they some kind of shark? Would it be right to help them if they were of such character?

Since the metaphysical arts allow people to alter the normal flow of karma, our masters have always advised us never to help criminals or those of bad intention to others avoid the life lessons they rightfully need to face. An exploration of the personality of their management would be possible by using the Ba Zi method of Chinese Astrology and it was here that we started our consultation.

Jim Uppal, mild mannered and legally trained founding director of Claim Link explained. “Having worked in the legal field, I was astounded to see the way that so many employers were treating their staff. People would get injured and in many cases they were made to feel like it was their fault and their responsibility. The employee had done their level best for the employer, often over years, and yet when something goes wrong the employer has looked to simply discard that person without rightful recompense. It shouldn’t be that way. Employers shouldn’t be allowed to bully, exploit or abuse their staff and they cannot be allowed to be negligent. Time and time again, I’ve seen them try to get away with almost medieval type of conduct. You wouldn’t believe some of the stories I’ve seen. It is exactly because of this kind of unfair treatment that I wanted to use my skills to fight for justice for the victims. When people come to Claim Link, we take action to ensure that justice is done and that employers start to wake up to the fact that they need to be responsible.”

Angela Ang with Jim Uppal, Director of Claim Link, Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Angela Ang with Jim Uppal, Director of Claim Link, Wolverhampton and Birmingham

Looking at Jim’s astrological Ba Zi charts we could clearly see that he was both honest and sincere, a person who realised that true happiness wouldn’t be found in material gain. “Oh my god, you don’t know me! How do you know that?!” was Jim’s exclamation as Angela delivered her reading to him, and identified past events in her calculations. What those events where is of course entirely confidential, but Jim will testify to their accuracy, thus verifying our character reading of him.

In Yuen Liao Fan’s classic from the Ming Dynasty, Four Essays on Karma, there is a section in which Liao Fan tells us of what happened to him after he had his destiny read by an accomplished master of divination. It reads:

As time passed, I worked for a year at the capital, but was not inclined to study for advancement. Instead, I spent most of my spare time in meditation. When I returned to Nanking, I went to Mountain Qi-xia to visit Zen Master “Cloud Valley”. We practiced Zen meditation together for three days and three nights without sleeping.

Master Cloud Valley asked, “You have meditated for three days and three nights without distraction of improper thoughts and desires, unlike other ordinary people. May I ask what is the reason?”

I replied, “Mr. Hung has convinced me that my life is predetermined. There is no reason for me to have any presumptuous thoughts or desires.”

Master Cloud Valley responded, “If one does not awaken to his own nature and achieve a quiescent mind, then one’s life is governed by the dual force (Yin and Yang) of the Universe, and hence one’s fate shall be predetermined. However, a person whose nature is extremely kind will not be restrained by fate; neither will the ones who are the most wicked. So, for twenty years, you have let yourself be bound by fate. You are just an ordinary being and I thought you were a sage.” Then, he burst into laughter.

I asked, “So, do you think one can change one’s own fate?”

Master said, “As the proverb says: ‘One creates one’s own fate, and one’s outer appearance is projected from one’s mind. Calamity and happiness never enter a door-except when invited.’ It also says in the Buddhist scripture: ‘One shall have fortune, longevity, or a son or daughter if one wishes for it.’ This is not an irresponsible remark. Absence of deceit is one of the fundamental precepts of a Buddhist, and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas do not deceive people.”

“Mencius mentioned that one should wish for things that one can work for, such as loyalty and a moral character. As far as prestige and wealth are concerned, they are bestowed by others. How can one wish for them?” I asked.

“Mencius’s words are true, but you need to arrive at a further understanding. The sixth patriarch Zen master Hui-Neng said, ‘All seeds of fortune are within one’s mind. Look into one’s heart and one will get what one wants.’ Man should seek help from within himself, and practice earnestly to attain goodness. He will win respect from all others; consequently, external things like prosperity, fame and success in society follow. If a person doesn’t seek within his heart, his pursuit of fame and wealth, no matter how hard he tries, will be in vain.”

It is important in the understanding of Feng Shui to appreciate that both Karma or destiny and Freewill exist at the same time and there is no contradiction in that. It is simply the case that most people are unaware of their karma and are unable to step out of the flow of life to master their own destiny. Using Feng Shui is a powerful step in the right direction as it allows one to enjoy worldly riches and a smoother existence. Then one may cultivate the understanding required to exist solely in a state where one chooses what happens. The other important step is to cultivate a good heart and lead one’s life with the sincere intention of benefiting both society and others.

Yuen Liao Fan says:

“There are plenty of smart people in this world. However, not too many of them are successful, because they do not cultivate their morality and simply seek ease and comfort, wasting their treasured life.”

Jim Uppal’s sincere desire to help people enjoy a working life free from exploitation is an admirable cause. By helping people when they need help most, Claim Link can change the course of the their life for the better. An honest intention to make the world a better place will help one cultivate the heart, and with that all the riches and joys of the world are certain to follow. Having met Jim, we wish him all the best in the future, that he may be able to bring happiness to many others as well as himself.