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Feng Shui Stories: The King Dog

Emperor Qin's throne

Today, I would like recall the true story of a Feng Shui consultation I did many years ago now.  I’d travelled out to rural Cambridgeshire. At the time I was living in Buckingham, but travelled the UK and would drive to see Feng Shui clients in London or Birmingham at least a couple of days a week.

Whilst travelling itself is tiring, Cambridge and its surrounding villages are charming. Arrived at my clients home, I got my Feng Shui luopan compass ready and went to the door to say hello when I heard a dog start barking. I could tell by the voice of the dog that it was fairly big breed. I love animals and generally get on well with them but nothing prepared me for what I’d find inside…

Boxer dog

I sat in the client’s living room while she brought tea and begun to tell me her story. Her husband worked in the travel industry and had to commute far daily. She was at home alone so they’d bought a dog to keep her company. The dog – a young, male albino Boxer dog – was muscular and strong, as per its breed. Unlike some dogs that terrify guests, it didn’t try to leap up at me although it did make it’s presence known. The saliva dripping from it’s mouth was more slobber from excitement than drooling aggression. Yet when the owner tried to talk, something very unusual became apparent. The dog was in charge.

At first I thought it might simply be a case of high spirits with visitors having called, but sure enough the dog continued to show unusual behaviours.

If she tried to give her attention to me the dog would do something to make sure she brought it back to him.

It was like the dog was the owner and the owner was being taken for a walk!

Even when she tried to make him stay in the room next door, he made such a commotion that she brought him back in.

It took a long time to hear her story as there were lots of interruptions, especially for her! Eventually I was able to start my Feng Shui calculations.

Plotting the Flying Stars, reading the Forms and taking measurements with my Feng Shui luopan compass, I soon came to a solid conclusion. The spot by the stairs where the dog slept, was in fact the seat of power for the house. That’s why this young pup was no ordinary dog – he’d been elevated to king of the house by the couple, who had simply seen the location for his basket as convenient.

The presence of the seat of power in Feng Shui is one thing that is often overlooked by Feng Shui consultants. I have seen clients where one of their children has been given the room with the seat of power in it… with suitably terrible results! The child will not listen to sense, expects the parents to bend over backwards for them and will only eat/study/sleep as they see best. The parents are driven mad and their relationship with one another and their career comes under strain as a result.

It can also happen that at a business, the Feng Shui seat of power is given to a subordinate who ends up with the boss wrapped around his or her finger.

Bringing the household back into harmony by diagnosing the types of Qi within it, it’s typical to see the behaviour patterns brought up by giving the seat of power to the wrong person (or dog!) disappear over the coming weeks and months. I have seen many inconceivable things during my long years travelling the world as a Feng Shui consultant. The house you live in reveals the current state of your journey to your destiny. Those that know how to read the signs can help you break from the patterns of behaviour that keep you from being as great as you could be.