Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Heading West For Good Feng Shui In The USA

Boarding Heathrow to Atlanta

We’re off. As previously posted, Master Angela Ang is flying out to study Feng Shui in Southern USA and we confirm she got off safely.

Yesterday she joined the many around the world who have been praying for America as Hurricane Irma reached category 5 – the most powerful storm the region has ever recorded.

Speaking with those on the ground yesterday, we heard that a huge wave of evacuees had reached Alabama, where Master Ang is headed, to escape the forecasted onslaught. Not only had hotel accommodation run out, food and gas in the town of Birmingham, Alabama, the biggest town in the State, were already running low. We offered our prayers of The Great Compassion Dharani (Da Bei Zhou) using Qi Men Dun Jia techniques to maximise the effect into the collective pool of hopes that the worst case scenarios would never come true.

It was with great happiness that when we awoke today, we saw the media were reporting that the intensity was dying down. Hurricane Irma had gone from category 5 down to a 2 and is hoped to diminish further to a category 1 today. We thank everyone else around the world who offered their prayer in whatever way they did.

Although Hurricane Irma shows us that we collectively must strive harder to live in harmony with nature in a sustainable fashion that combats climate change, the drop in intensity suggests that the Divine still would wish grace upon America. Let’s heed the warning!

Master Ang will be doing her little bit to help. She’ll be giving a talk to explain Feng Shui, Ba Zi and how the Chinese metaphysical arts can help us restore the balance between nature and man, bringing benefits to all. If you’re in Birmingham, AL and would like to listen in, get in touch and we’ll forward you details.