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Feng Shui Carpets?

Angela in Buddhist robe

Stourport is just outside Birmingham, Kidderminster, Redditch and Bromsgrove in the Midlands. We went along to visit an up-and-coming business there to see how we could help them grow and prosper by using traditional Chinese Feng Shui.

Recommended Carpets is the work of Jonathan Carter, an expert in selecting and fitting quality carpets, and his wife Lesley. He’s prided himself on offering only impartial advice to his customers enabling them to select the right type and grade of carpet for their needs. Following his strategy of an honest deal sells best, he created the business from scratch and now serves a wide range of clients around the Midlands area, into Worcestershire and Warwickshire and beyond. In fact the companies name comes from the fact that they get most of their business by recommendation, hence Recommended Carpets!

“There’s a lot of thought goes into choosing the right carpet. You’ll want to get right so you can enjoy it for years to come, and with the right advice choosing a carpet is a pleasure” says Jonathan. “For example, if you are redecorating and laying new carpet, be sure to match it to your existing furniture to avoid having to replace expensive items like sofas. Then decide on the lower cost items such as paint or wallpaper to match the carpet. You’ll get a better finish that way and can save yourself a lot of time, money and bother”.

Now that Jonathan has established his business and with a bright and active young son to remember, he decided that now was the time he needed to firm up his base and lay the foundations for future growth. With the right use of Feng Shui he would undoubtedly enjoy prosperity and happiness within his family.

The following story has been published by Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu:

I once studied the new residence of a millionaire. It was claimed that this new residence was designed by a self-styled master of geomancy. To my surprise, however, the design was fraught with errors. This master of geomancy turned out to be an incompetent geomancer who became well known by sheer propaganda.

While I was shown around the place, the millionaire was boasting about the new style of the house, his wealth and his collection of antiques.

What amazed me was that this luxurious garden villa had got no “store of wealth”, because there was a through passage where the store of wealth should be.

The millionaire told me: “The man who designed the house is a world famous geomancer. He is often mentioned in the newspapers and he lectures on geomancy on TV. He’s got many, many students.”

“Why did you ask me to come then?” I giggled.

“Because Living Buddha Lian Shen has the Divine Eye who will know everything from one glance. Of course, more importantly, you are requested to give blessings to the new residence.”

“Do you want me to tell you the truth or lies?”

“Why? Anything wrong?” he was astonished.

“Block the through passage at once, and…” I pointed out to him all the places that needed changes.

The millionaire was dumb struck. He never expected that the house designed by a geomancer was full of loopholes. He became quiet and worried.

I regretted that I had shot off my mouth.

Afterwards, the millionaire didn’t follow my advice. He didn’t make any change. He believed that a geomancer who often gave TV lectures must be good enough.

About one year later :

One day, when the millionaire was preparing some fruit for visitors, he cut off one of his fingers.

He failed in his election campaign for the membership of Parliament.

Five of his six factories went to bankruptcy…….

Finally, the millionaire came to tell me: “You were right, Living Buddha Lian Shen! Within a year, I am finished! So those so-called geomancers turned out to be impostors! They are still cheating people today!”

Accuracy and having the right know-how are imperative to diagnose Feng Shui correctly. It should not be taken lightly to give Feng Shui advice and tips as being incorrect can yield disastrous results. For the Carters, their consultation was performed by Angela Ang who trained traditionally from recognised lineage masters. Similar to the Carter’s own honest approach to business, Angela provided straight forward solutions and answered all their questions. Her consultations are based on a flat fee rather than an hourly charge and she takes her time address all of her clients concerns on the day.

Angela in Buddhist robe

Angela in Buddhist robe

A few days after the consultation, we were very happy to receive a letter of recommendation from Lesley. It is reproduced here in full and without alteration:

Angela was very professional, warm and friendly. She had great knowledge about Feng Shui, listening to the problems and advised as necessary. After the consultation I felt as though I was floating on air. The great burden that I had been carrying around with me had been lifted and I felt so light.

We have total confidence in Angela and immediately put into action the suggestions that she had indicated would improve our financial position. Alternative cures were suggested to enable us to improve our lifestyle on a budget. I have great respect for Angela and would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone. I believe the consultation was worth every penny.

L Carter
Recommended Carpets

When the store of wealth is properly arranged, it brings good luck to the family and there will be one success after another. The discovery and proper decoration of the wealth store can help make the best of the house design. Combining powerful Feng Shui principals with their own naturally positivity and warmth, we are certain that the future is bright indeed for Recommended Carpets.