Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Feng Shui Carpets Update

Following her home and business Feng Shui consultation, Lesley Carter keeps us up to date with progress.

After her consultation Lesley said:

Angela was very professional, warm and friendly. She had great knowledge about Feng Shui, listening to the problems and advised as necessary. After the consultation I felt as though I was floating on air. The great burden that I had been carrying around with me had been lifted and I felt so light.

We have total confidence in Angela and immediately put into action the suggestions that she had indicated would improve our financial position. Alternative cures were suggested to enable us to improve our lifestyle on a budget. I have great respect for Angela and would have no hesitation recommending her services to anyone. I believe the consultation was worth every penny.

L Carter

Two months on…

Hi Angela

Things are going from strength to strength now. Jon has had some big quotes – 22 apartments in Redditch and 20 units in Gloucester – in the last couple of weeks as well as some smaller ones.

Attached picture of Liam’s latest picture for you. Hope you enjoyed your holiday.

Liam CarterLesley’s little delight, Liam, has begun training from young in ‘space clearing’

Love to both

Four months on from the consultation we received the following:

Here’s an update for you. Things have just gone mad, Jon has more work than he can cope with lately. He has work coming out of his ears now. It was amazing when we had the water feature. It took us a while to find a nice one, but as soon as we turned it on, within days the money just kept on coming. It might as well have been pouring gold into our home.

To top this all up as well, when he activated our wealth feature, all the jobs Jon quoted for we got. I’m not complaining, it means that we are able to go on holiday for a week (can’t afford to have anymore time off than that, too much work!!!). Since we had the consultation we have never looked back. The future is certainly looking better nowadays.

The biggest thanks ever.
Lesley Carter

Nine months on we got the following:

Hi Angela

Loved the funny faces on your email, downloaded myself.

We are in the process of putting out website together, so fingers crossed we will be online shortly. Do you want to link to us? Let me know.


PS. Things are still good on the money side. Jon has just invested in a warehouse for his carpets. Jon’s time and patience and of course your cures have enabled Jon to gain many contacts with property developers, hoteliers, residential homes, new build projects etc. In fact he has just landed a contract for carpets with a developer who sells £650,000 houses. The company seems to be going from strength to strength. We wouldn’t believe how quickly we have grown in such a short time.