Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Baby Birthday & C-Section Date Selection



This is a service to help you select a good birth day for your future baby.

It will be calculated using your birthday, your partner’s birthday to do analysis and find the best time period for your baby to be born.

How it works

You tell me when you are planning to have a baby. Ie. from now for next 24 months. I will do analysis to see when is the best time for you to conceive.

You will have an initial client interview to gather information and discuss.

From date of payment, please allow minimum 2 weeks for analysis to be done for you. Fees based on hourly rate of £60/hour.

11 hour to 12 hours time is estimated to be used getting analysis of you and your partner’s Chinese astrology (Bazi) and speaking on phone to explain to you
Including follow ups by email, whatsapp, phone.