Time Out London features London Feng Shui Consultant, Master Angela Ang

Time Out London Feng Shui consultant feature

Feng Shui Feature in Time Out London

London never sleeps, or so the saying goes and few know more about the ins and outs of London’s great and diverse goings on than it’s definitive guide – Time Out London magazine.

Time Out London has run a regular feature called, appropriately enough for London, 24 Hour City. This Time Out London feature aims to showcase some of the most interesting people living in London and working in London. Our very own Angela Ang is probably the most well known and active Chinese Feng Shui consultant in London – Rising Dragon Feng Shui is based in South West London’s famous Wimbledon area – as well as a prominent figure in Feng Shui globally due to her volume of international Feng Shui students. Time Out London approached her with the honour of being featured within 24 Hour City and that article was published in issue 1965 of Time Out London. Below is the article, reproduced with kind permission of Time Out London:

Time Out London Feng Shui feature on Master Angela Ang

24-Hour City Feng Shui Expert
Angela Ang, Wimbledon

8am I always wake up in a good mood. Feng Shui is based on the Chinese metaphysics of “cause and effect of energy in the environment on people who occupy  that environment” be it the environment at home or office or retail business environment. If the energy is not flowing properly, or is of a negative flow, or is blocked it will cause bad luck, money loss, job loss, relationship problems or health problems (ie.pregnancy problems and sleep problems). It’s important for me to keep my own energy positive, so I practise chi kung martial arts (similar to tai chi).

9am Check my emails – I get a lot of emails everyday as I have a lot of clients in UK and around the world. I gave up my career as a lawyer to do this ten years ago.

1130am Before a consultation I do personal Feng Shui astrology charts for my clients so that I know what is their personal energy field like. Onsite home consultations are personalised for the individuals in the house, not a one shoe size fits all as the generalisations you find in books. That is the one of the differences between doing it with a simple book or professionally with an experienced consultant.

1pm I have three to four consultations a week. I charge between £300 to £400 for each depending on the size of the space and number of occupants.

2pm First, I measure the directional energy at the entrance of the building using my luo pan which is a large Feng Shui compass. Then I will calculate the Flying Stars of the building and do the analysis. If the dial of the compass shakes a certain way, it is a sign that “spirits” may be present. I will let the clients know and a space clearing ritual can be arranged for a later date. Once I have done the analysis for the whole house, I advise on how to tap into the positive energy sources for more wealth, promotions, a new boyfriend, increased energy, improved luck. If there has been tragic accidents, bankruptcy, divorce, death or bad energy left over previous occupants of the house or business premises I usually recommend a space clearing ritual also.

5pm Head home if I finish the consultation in time and my clients don’t have too many questions! I eat vegetarian foods and a lot of raw veg. This keeps my energy clean and keeps me extra sensitive to energies in my clients houses for when Im working. The energy field of my body is very sensitive which is good for my line of work. People usually see me because they need some kind of positive change in their life. From finding a new boyfriend, improving their relationships, curing depression to finding a new job! Some women hire me to remove the energy of their ex-husband’s from their house. Women also consult me about pregnancy problems when even IVF has not worked for them. There have been numerous babies born as a result!