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Why is it important to be married on an auspicious day vs random chosen day?

The day that you sign the legal papers of marriage is the day your marriage to your spouse is born. Once you are married, that’s it, you are married. If you happen to marry on an auspicious day, once where there is harmony, positive energy, and happiness, then great! But if you happy to have chosen a negative day, one that is filled with argumentative and clashing energies, then that is the type of energy that your marriage will be infused with.

Have you ever heard that the spouse changed after they got married? Maybe marrying on a lousy day was one of the reasons he changed?

Most people want a marriage to be a once in a life time event. To minimise the chances of having a bad marriage, we like to choose marriage/wedding days on an auspicious day. These auspicious wedding dates are calculated  for both the man and the woman based on their personal astrology and also the day itself of registering for marriage and marriage (the one where you invite your friends and family to church and then celebration party dinner).

There are many negative lousy days in the calendar and you want to be able to avoid those negative and lousy days for your marriage. Marriage itself will have it’s own challenges, and marrying on a lousy day will make the marriage harder and have more challenges than it has to be. This is why people who know about Aupicious date selection will invest in paying for a good Master to pick a good date for them so that they can have a long lasting positive marriage date with auspicious energy inside.

Lousy Negative days you want to avoid

You want to avoid multiple marriage days, days with a girlfriend inside the date for your husband (this increases chances of affairs happening), days with clash or separation in it (increases chances of arguments and divorce), days with bad luck energy, days with no children energy, days with failure energy in it.

Doing date selection properly is a complicated matter and it takes time. That’s why you are hiring a professional Master to spend time doing it properly. Internet sites which provide generic good dates do not take into account factors that a professional Master who is being paid to do the work with you and your fiance personal astrology. There is no comparison!!

After reading my 3 Levels of service you will also realise that there is a big difference amongst Masters.

These things all take time to do calculations for properly and this is why there are 3 Levels of consults.
My fees are based on approximately £60 per hour and rates are cheaper when you go for higher levels of service.

Bronze Level of Service £68
Date selection for wedding are calculated based on you and your fiance personal astrology.
For Bronze package you will get the best dates within 5 weeks of marriage date.
For example if you want to get married between October 1 to November 7th that is 5 weeks.

To book, just select either Bronze, Silver or Gold Level of Service. Then once you have paid, Master Angela Ang will request your dates of birth and the time period you would like to have your wedding and correspond with you.

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