Master Ang & BBC Radio 5 Celebrate Chinese New Year 2019

Chinese New Year is one of the world’s greatest celebrations and indeed there are many other calendars which also recognise today as the start of the new year of the Earth Pig. These include the Tibetan Losar, Vietnamese Tet, Japan’s Shōgatsu, Korean Seollal and Mongolia’s Tsagaan Sar. It’s
it’s 2146 in Tibetan years and the year 4716 on the Chinese count! Chinese people have long memories!

As part of the celebrations now taking place around the world, national BBC Radio 5 will be covering a little of what the Chinese New Year of the Earth Pig brings by inviting Master Angela Ang onto the station live at around 5:30pm today. Tune in to hear more about the character of the year and some of the important tidings it may bring for you personally.

We look forward to sharing good tidings with you and wish you a happy new year – gong hei fa choi!