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When to hire a Feng Shui consultant whilst buying a new build property?

Feng Shui Master Angela Ang on site at a consultation

At what stage of house construction can a Feng Shui consultant advise from?

Master Angela Ang answers a common concern from buyers of new build properties when she addresses the question: at which stage of construction can a Feng Shui consultation be carried out for a potential buyer?

New homes often come with substantial incentives to buy before completion and these often include:

  • discounts on the purchase price
  • upgrades to fixtures
  • the option to chose from a number of similar properties or apartments which may allow you to choose the part of the development you’re on, which floor, whether the Sun shines on your front door or garden in the morning and other factors

If you are looking into buying a new build property, you’ll often feel under pressure to act quickly, perhaps placing a hefty deposit to reserve a plot.

Apart from looking at the finances, how can you tell if this actually is a good idea? Does one have to wait until the house is fully built before a Feng Shui consultant can tell if you and it are a good match or is there a way to tell earlier, potentially saving you thousands of pounds in costs of buying a house you’ll never fully enjoy living in?

As Master Angela explains, as long as the foundations and lower layers of brickwork are in place, sufficient to show where the doors will eventually be, she can work with that. She has a specialised and highly sensitive Feng Shui loupan compass and together with the floorplans from the builders, she’ll be able to perform all the necessary calculations to model the energy flow.  Her projections of how the energy will make you feel can help you to decide whether this is the one.

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