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Planning For Success In The Year of the Earth Dog

Year of the Earth Dog 2018

It’s not long now till celebrations begin for the Chinese New Year. 2018 will see us arrive in the Year of the Earth Dog. Of all the signs of the Chinese zodiac, the dog is one of the toughest and the Earth Dog is one of the top two most ferocious dogs. These years have the potential for varying between feeling like you’ve hit a wall to seeing huge landslide changes. But equally there will be plenty of opportunity for those who’s stars are in attraction with the universe to shine on fire!

The Year of the Earth Dog begins from 16th February, but it’s first zodiac comes on 4th February, meaning you’ll be feeling the full effect of the new year’s energy from 4th February.

It’s always hard to give general guidance without seeming either too broad that surely everyone would have it or so specific that it requires too complicated an explanation to help a non-technical Feng Shui user. But there are some which stand out.

People born in the year of the Rabbit –1963, 75, 87, 99 and 2011 – can expect something eventful this year since the rabbit and dog are partner signs that combine. So this would mean that someone will come into your life and it will certainly be nice at least for a while. Whether or not it is good for you overall would require an analysis specific to you, but if you are born in a rabbit year, you can expect a warm reception with someone at some point in the year.

Dragon people – anyone born in the year of the Dragon like 1964, 76, 88, 2000, 2012 – are due for a clash as the Dragon this year as it is the direction of Tai Sui – the Grand Duke, Jupiter – and so it’s aggressive energy forces the Dragon against the Dog. Who will win and reap the spoils? Well, that too takes a personalised analysis but the Dragon faces the possibility of loosing a lot of money this year.

People born in the Rooster – 1957, 69, 81, 93, 2005 or 2017 – are likely to experience a strongly emotional incident or thread arrive in life. At times it may be very distressing. Yet sometimes when we’re going through something that is challenging us, it causes us to grow stronger or do things better thereafter.  To tell is person specific.

There are many other types of formation we look for when considering how the coming year will affect us. Some people will be affected by a bullying formation arriving in the year. Some will see a fire formation, others a metal formation and so on.

One of the ways we recommend avoiding any negative issues in the year is by avoiding the areas where negative annual earth energies are. A bit like the way scientists are showing that we can have a gene for a certain illness, but it only expresses under situations, so too we would look to use Feng Shui to find ways of avoiding getting the full expression of our astrology.  And just astrology changes each year with movement of the heavens, so too the Feng Shui changes as the energies here too have both static and dynamic parts.

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We wish you all a healthy, happy and harmonious New Year and look forward to speaking with you soon!