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The Feng Shui View Of The Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipse

Many of you may be aware that on the 20th of March 2015, the UK and several other Northern hemisphere countries will witness a solar eclipse. This means that the New Moon will move exactly in between the Earth and the Sun, causing darkness to fall across the land.

This is a rare event. It’s not till 2026 that another solar eclipse will fall across the UK and that will only be a partial eclipse. The next full solar eclipse to cover the UK won’t happen till 2090.

So should you stock up on beers, prime the bbq and hold an eclipse watching party?

What does a discipline like Feng Shui, which has many complex calculations based on the movement of the Sun and Moon, have to say on this?

Solar eclipse
The Sun and the Moon both have enormous gravitational fields that influence life on Earth. A New Moon – one where the Moon is between the Earth and the Sun and so appears like a black disc as the Sun’s light is on the side facing away from us – happens once every 28 days roughly. It’s the time when many women who have a natural menstrual cycle will have their period and it’s also been shown that it raises the rate of seizures amongst epileptics by short circuiting the electric chemistry in the brain. The New Moon is considered the feminine phase of the Moon and although it assists in detoxing, anything physical such as exercise seems harder till the Moon switches to Full Moon. In fact even sleeping is harder under the influence of the New Moon.

The contrast to this is the Sun who’s rays falling upon the Earth are part of what makes life possible here. Just a little closer or further away and the Earth wouldn’t be teeming with life. All plant life depends directly upon the Sun’s energy and all animal life depends upon indirectly, in that it either eats plants or eats other plant eating animals, as well as directly in the Circadian Rhythm which influences our eating and sleeping behaviours. Our bodies are highly evolved and adapted to the Sun’s energy and things that make us seperated from it, like working night shifts, have been shown to have damaging effects on the body and mind.

When a Solar Eclipse occurs, the New Moon will pass directly between the Earth and the Sun. During that time, the Moon will be reflecting the Sun’s energy back at the Sun. The shadow of the Moon will cast darkness across parts of the Earth.

In Feng Shui analysis, this is considered particularly inauspicious.

The path of the New Moon will cause a disruption of the gravitational field from the Sun as well as reflect back it’s light. In the period leading up to, during and for some time after, this unusual ripple in the unseen energies in the cosmos will present a particularly savage type of Sha Qi, or negative energy. In fact the traditional European word for an eclipse is an Occultation, which shows you how it’s long been connected with dark forces.

There’s been a large geomagnetic storm leading up to it, the temperature will drop several degrees during it and there may be an eerie wind. This particular eclipse will be particularly strong since the Moon is the closest it’s been to the Earth in 18 years, making the disruptive energies stronger than if it were far away.

Like Western traditions, Feng Shui knowledge states that being outdoors during a solar eclipse is very bad. It can cause up to seven years of extreme bad luck with much misfortune and adversity.

My advice

I advise my clients, students and friends to be indoors during the eclipse’s occultation.

Looking at the eclipse directly will vastly increase the amount of Sha Qi you intake.

Do not let the shadow fall directly on you and take care to avoid any wind the eclipse may draw up.

Let the scientists video the eclipse for you and watch it on telly if you will, but do not look at it as this is a rare event where the forces at play are far stronger than your energy field. It will imprint on your energy field in ways that your energy field isn’t designed to work. Your energy field will take a long time to restore itself. So leave the spectacle to others and have your solar eclipse party, hidden away indoors with the windows and doors shut!