Rising Dragon Feng Shui

The Dragon Hedge of East Rudham, Norfolk

Feng Shui dragon hedge

The BBC reported today that a 75 year old Norfolk man spent 13 years crafting a hedge into a dragon in honour of his time in the Far East. It’s the first time I’ve seen anyone make a physical green dragon appear where the proverbial Feng Shui green dragon should be, which suggests good strength for the male of the household.

When looking out the front door of a house, we typically class the space to the left as the green dragon and that on the right as the white tiger. This is the Yin-Yang balance of the house, with the dragon being the Yang and therefore the male of the house. The best is if there is balance between the two. If one is bigger (or longer, taller etc) then that side of the household tends to gain dominance.

Here’s the full BBC report on the fantastic dragon hedge of East Rudham, Norfolk.