Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Feng Shui Brings Love!

We’re delighted to publish these few words from our client Annabel who had more than a twinkle in her eye restored as her love life changed dramatically. Here’s her own words:

Hi Angela,  

Just to update you on my situation since the consultation. Thank you so much, my love life has improved enormously. I met a couple of guys only 2 weeks after the consultation and went on dates with them both. I also joined a dating website and got offers for dates from so many attractive young men. But the best news is that last week my ex boyfriend, who I have loved but not been with for the last year, has told me he wants to get back together! Smiley

I still need to get a wealth boat of the right size (mine is too big so is not sailing in the correct direction). I also need to throw out the cactus and get a water feature for the dining room.

I’ve painted my room yellow and I have been sleeping in the same bed room upstairs in my direction. I want to get either red or pink accessories to add a bit more colour (a lamp, rug, cushions and bin). Which colour would be best for me? 

Haven’t been so lucky on the job front I’m still looking for a job though, hopefully I’ll get one soon. Although it’s difficult I’m still gonna try to sleep in the room downstairs at the back of the house.

Let me know if you want me to do a testimonial for you with more detail…

Kind regards,

Annabel x