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CLSA use Feng Shui for Economic Forecast

CLSA Annual Feng Shui report

CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets is Asia’s leading, independent brokerage and investment group. With their headquarters in Hong Kong it’s hardly suprising that as a company they have a deep insight into Asian business practices.

It’ll therefore be of great relief to many of their clients to know that CLSA are active users of Feng Shui. Many top Asian business people and corporates and especially those with roots in Hong Kong would consider it near negligent to not of have assessed Feng Shui’s impact.

In the UK, CLSA is based in Moorgate, London. They’ve consulted Rising Dragon Feng Shui for Feng Shui advice on specific projects and places since 2002. With the Year of the Ox about to take over from the Rat, CLSA asked Angela to present Feng Shui to a number of fund managers and clients.

CLSA Feng Shui reportAngela at the CLSA Feng Shui seminar holding her Feng Shui Forecast for 2009

The Year of the Ox begins on 26th January. It’s a year belonging to the Earth element and Angela presented both the principles of Feng Shui together with key insights into the economic outlook including politics and weather as well as industrial sectors. Interestingly, the BBC covered CLSA Asia-Pacific’s use of Feng Shui and their reporting gives you a little more insight into some of the areas Angela covered.

Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang is a leading international Feng Shui consultant with a client list that includes corporations, celebrities and the media. She is available for hire as a keynote speaker for seminars, events and lunches. Contact us if you’d like to include a Feng Shui for Chinese New Year presentation to your festivities!