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Learning Feng Shui in America

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

Julie Martinmaas lives in America and started learning Feng Shui with us last year via our online Feng Shui courses.

Julie Martinmaas, one of our Feng Shui students in America

She recently wrote this email to us:

I came across Angela’s web site and took the free courses she offered. I got a lot out of her down to earth way of explaining things. I liked that I finally found traditional Feng Shui that takes the correct compass reading and direction, as opposed to the “Western” Feng Shui that is basically interior decorating.

When Feng Shui is appplied correctly, results as I go, are noticed quite quickly. This takes dedication to learn well and correctly. The question and answer boxes are a good way to see if I’m getting the hang of it. I still have a lot to learn but the changes we have made in our home are proving positive results!

Thank you for creating an easy to understand course selection. Just as important, thank you for having a great support team when I have questions or am ready to order new classes I have had propmt service and responses! This is changing my life!

Julie M

Angela and all the team here at Rising Dragon Feng Shui would like to thank Julie for her kind words and wish her every continued success in her Feng Shui studies.