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Carol Vorderman Recommends Rising Dragon as The site for Feng Shui

Carol Vorderman

Carol Vorderman is well known for being a smart cookie. For her days as a dazzling mathmatician and hostess on Channel 4’s Countdown to her huge salary, Carol has gone from strength to strength. Amongst other things, Carol is nowdays well known for her Internet Guides. As part of that she writes a column for the Daily Mirror Newspaper.

Now naturally, with her obvious high intelligence, Carol’s opinions are highly regarded as well thought out. So it was a very pleasant suprise when we stumbled across this review she’d written of Rising Dragon Feng Shui in a column dealing with design for the Mirror. Here is the original:


IF YOU believe you can improve your fortune by closing your toilet lid or bring yourself luck by introducing red into your home, you’re probably already a convert to Feng Shui. If you’d like to find out more about this mystical art of life laundry through reorganisation or you want advice on how to best rearrange your home for health and prosperity’s sake, this is the site to consult. You can order a personal Feng Shui consultation, read a host of hints and tips, shop for good luck charms and join an online course.

Of the many UK and International Feng Shui sites out there, Carol chose us. Rising Dragon Feng Shui with a recommendation by Carol Vorderman? That adds up to the best thumbs up we could hope for, multiplying our prestige and dividing the competition!