Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Distance Feng Shui Consultations Can Now Include Live Webcam

Master Angela in traditional Chinese attire

Hi there! It’s Angela, welcome to my website!

Are you new to Feng Shui?

Have you tried Feng Shui but need a professional to check it over?

Would you like to have the age old secrets of Feng Shui benefit you?

If you use Feng Shui the right way, it can help you in your love life, your career and money situation, your health and most importantly, your happiness!

Can it really do this? Oh yes it sure can! And because it can, that is my profession. I am a Traditional Feng Shui Consultant and Chinese astrologist who uses tried and tested methods for making peoples lives happier, easier and better.

I get thousands of visitors every month and many people are from USA, Canada, Europe, everywhere around the world. Many people are looking for professional Traditional Feng Shui advice, but there are not that many consultants like me in their home town and its not always easy for me to be flying around everywhere all the time! There are not many consultants who are Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Consultants who speak good English, with my type of background, my type of experience or know what I know.

So to make things easier for me and you, I started a new service where you can email me your floorplans, digital photos of your house, your rooms, and then I analyse all the things you send me and talk to you over the phone about Feng Shui and advise you how to make it better or solve problems that you could be having. That was pretty good until I came up with an even better idea!

What if people could see me and I could see them wherever they are? Won’t that be even better? So what did I do?

I bought myself a webcam and microphone, the best ones I could find so now if you have got a webcam not only can you talk to me and ask me questions about your Feng Shui, you can also show see me live through MSN messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

I can see you, you can see me! You can show me, I can show you, anything you have got questions on. I can draw you diagrams, how to use a compass to take measurements in your house, in your bedroom. Now it doesn’t matter if you cannot find a Traditional Chinese Feng Shui professional locally in your home town, you can hire me!

So how does it work again Angela?

Ok, I will explain it again. If you have a telephone, you can send me your floorplans, photos via email and I will analyse it, get prepared and call you back on the phone. Then, I had an even better idea.

Now if you have a webcam, then not only can I talk to you on the phone, I can see you live and you can see me while I am talking to you! This means, that I can point to your floorplans you send over, you can show me things, get it? Isn’t it so EASY!

If you have a webcam and microphone/speaker, then we can just do everything via MSN messenger or Yahoo messenger.

With so many people having a webcam at home and broadband/ADSL (fast internet), the world is shrinking and you can see me and talk to me “LIVE” from the comfort of your living room right here right now! How Easy is that!!!