New Partnership between Ernest Anthony Prestige Property Finders and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Announced

Angela speaking for the BBC Good Moves Workshop at the BBC Good Homes Show

Make The Right Move When You Look For Your Next Home

Rising Dragon Feng Shui’s Angela Ang has long helped people make the right move when relocating and even ran 4 days of Feng Shui workshops for the BBC called “The Good Moves Workshop”. Now we are pleased to take the provision of Feng Shui services in the UK to a new high by announcing a new partnership between Rising Dragon Feng Shui and Bristol based prestige property finders, Ernest Anthony.

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Ernest Anthony specialises in finding prestige homes and corporate property for both purchase and rental primarily in and around the South East of England for national and international clients. They offer a comprehensive service designed to save clients money, time, effort and stress by finding you the right property in the right area, making relocation easy.

“Feng Shui is always better when analysed before moving,” says Angela. “We’re all unique and each property fits us differently. Homes which contain the energies you need in places you can use make an incredible difference to your wellbeing. If you have that the typical results you’ll experience will include deeper, more revitalising sleep, increased clarity of thought, better concentration and greater vitality – the essential foundations of success.”

“Checking before buying allows you to get the best possible match between your energy field and that of your new home. What that means to you is that you’ll experience a greater level of happiness and success in your new home because it is supportive of you. In Canada for example, this practice is quite normal amongst those who know the importance of Feng Shui in maintaining an upward direction in life and therefore know it’s easier to get the right house for you when moving as that gives you choice over where to live. I’m delighted to be able to bring this valuable service within easy reach of UK home buyers through working with Ernest Anthony Prestige Property Finders.”

Ernest Anthony’s managing partner Jeremy Fraser said “We believe that we give an exceptional level of service to our clients but are always keen to add that something extra. By offering our private individual and relocating corporate clients the opportunity to have a Feng Shui assessment of a property before buying or renting, we are doing everything possible to ensure they get the best out of life once they’ve moved in.”

In these days of internet connectivity and mobile working, relocating to life outside the bustle of the city to beautiful countryside like South East England has never been more popular. Through this industry first initiative, Ernest Anthony are both raising the standards in UK relocation services and providing the best opportunity for Feng Shui consultation. Together we can help you make the right move.