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Feng Shui in Bedford

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

Mary Newman of Bedfordshire first took a Feng Shui Consultation with Angela in 2002. Find out why she’s a regular in the letter she wrote to Angela recently. We’re delighted to reproduce that here:

Mary Newman
77 Winchester Road
MK42 0SA

A Letter to Anyone Considering Using Angela’s Service

I first spoke to Angela in autumn 2002. I was in a state of desperation. There were three areas in my life which needed sorting out:

  1. My business was close to bankruptcy
  2. There were issues concerning my seven year old son
  3. I was experiencing ill health and particularly a huge increase in my weight

From the very first time I spoke to Angela, my spirits were lifted – her positive attitude is contagious!!!

In October 2002 Angela came to my home and business premises. She drew plans and spent lots of time consulting her compass. Within a few days Angela returned with lots of advice and cures for the areas at home and at work which needed enhancing. All the changes were simple, and on the whole, quite inexpensive.

Now – eighteen months on – I am using Angela’s services again.

I have reached a very happy stage in my life and I am convinced that Angela’s advice and expertise has played a big part at getting me to this stage:-

Business: I had a big turn around at work – in fact business doubled last year – I am asking for Angela’s guidance to find another premises as I feel I am ready to expand

My Son: A few simple changes in my son’s room have made a world of difference to our family life and I have a son who is happy, contented and doing extremely well at school

My Health: Well – what can I say – I have lost 7½ stone! I have endless energy and I’m the healthiest I’ve felt in years!

We are now moving out of town – and so have asked for Angela’s assistance in ensuring that this new and very exciting next phase of our lives continues to be happy, healthy and prosperous. If you are thinking of using Angela’s service, don’t talk yourself out of it! I don’t claim to understand how or why it works – all I know is that Feng Shui has benefited my family in a way that means we are all doing well in the areas that are best for us individually, which in turn makes us stronger as a unit.

So don’t think about it too long – at the end of the day, the worst thing that could happen is that things stay the same – well you already know what that’s like – so take a chance – I know ‘the dice will be loaded in your favour’.

Good luck,
And once again, may thanks to Angela and team,