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Feng Shui of Las Vegas’ Hard Rock Cafe Casino

An Onsite Assessment of the Feng Shui of Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Cafe Casino by Devra Robitaille

Last month, our Master Angela Ang was asked to provide advice on Sky One’s Russell Grant Show for Ashley Revell, a professional gambler who’s decided to spend all his worldly worth on a single televised bet in Las Vegas. Curious to find out more, Angela spoke to her friend and fellow student of Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Las Vegas’s very own Feng Shui Consultant and Columnist, Devra Robitaille (www.spacialharmony.com). Devra very kindly took her Lopan to the Hard Rock Casino – the only casino in Las Vegas willing to take on a bet as big as Ashley’s! Here’s Devra’s special report on the Hard Rock Casino and Ashley Revell:

Feng Shui consultant, Devra RobitailleThe Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is outrageous. It embodies everything synonymous with Las Vegas. It’s loud, it’s fiery and it’s brash. When my friend Angela Ang of Rising Dragon Feng Shui asked me to help her by being the “johnny on the spot” so to speak, doing a little remote Feng Shui on her behalf, I was flattered and very willing to join the caper. Not that Ashley Revell thinks of it as a caper; he’s deadly serious about it, and going for the gusto!!

Ashley, a professional gambler, was recently interviewed on a SKYONE chat show by England’s favorite astrologer, Russell Grant. He is selling his house and his car, in fact everything he has and is going to bring all the money here to Las Vegas and wager it on one spin of the roulette wheel, red or black to win!! It’s going down at 2pm next Sunday, April 11th.

The Hard Rock is a huge place that dominates the North West corner of Paradise and Harmon, just off the Las Vegas Strip. Jutting out from the front entrance is a giant rock guitar, and everything else about the place from that point on is just as surreal. It was difficult to get a good compass reading on the main doors as there is so much metal and electricity about the place, I thought I was going to get sucked into a black hole!! But alas, although I would have enjoyed the adventure, I kept my feet on the ground, and found it to face 130 degrees South East. (That’s the facing direction looking out through the doors like eyes looking out through a face!)

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Once inside, it takes a few minutes for the vision to adjust, one is blasted by raging heavy metal rock music, there’s a shiny motorcycle right at the top of the steps leading down to the casino, and everything has a kind of glowing red aura about it. It’s pretty intense, and pretty fabulous.

I was guided over to the roulette tables by a very helpful and charming Casino boss, and Security was advised not to arrest me, while I took my pictures. They don’t normally allow this, but they made an exception in my case. They had all heard of Ashley Revell and the caper, and they seemed to be wishing him well – interesting since technically if he wins, the Casino loses!

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There are only five roulette tables. They are mounted on Grand Pianos. Fascinating. My Casino friend didn’t know which table Ashley was going to be using, but since they all align the same way, unless they are bringing in a different one, there aren’t too many choices – at least not from a Feng Shui perspective. But I should add here that Feng Shui is not the only factor. There are many levels of energy, many layers of Spirit. I tell my own clients it’s like the table supporting the plate, which holds the food, which is enhanced by a sauce which is chased by a good wine! Many different levels of energy. What we are trying to do is maximize the good chi so that he gets the best possible chance for good fortune – but we can’t make him win. He is the author of his own fate!

Having said that, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with trying to tip the balance for success. After all, anyone who lives in Vegas will tell you about things that the Casinos reportedly do to gain an edge. Cell phones don’t work in the Casinos. Hmmmm, no distractions! I’ve always found that suspicious. Surely with our modern technological genius we could make a little cell phone work. And apparently, they pump pure oxygen into the ventilation system, which keeps you alert (and up all night at the tables). Also they put wonderful smells through the air, cocoanut and vanilla, tropical breezes. There are no clocks in the Casino either, and just you try to find a bathroom! (that’s American for Loo!) The Casino floor is designed so you always have to walk through the tables and machines to find anything, be it the Restroom or the Restaurant. The way out is not easy to stumble upon either!!! Signs are few and far between. Sometimes I have felt like I would die right there and they’d find my body centuries from now inches from Valet!

So I think we could even the score a bit and give Ashely Revell a little edge of his own – some good Feng Shui.

Ashley is a life Kua number 2, according to the information I received. So what we want to do is have him facing his most fortunate direction, his “generating breath” or “Sheng Chi”. This would be North East. The way the five Roulette tables are orientated Ashley would have to place himself at the end of table number 301 or 309 (the two on the left side as you enter) to be able to sit so as to receive this generating energy. If he positions himself facing the door or the stairs he would be facing either South or North, neither of which are good for him (although there is a small slice of South, around 167 degrees, that emits a good vibe). Because the Roulette tables are shaped like pianos, the edges are a bit angled, which makes it difficult to get an exact reading. But my call would be to put him at the end of #301, or 309 and take a quick reading of his chair before the fateful spin of the wheel so his body is pointing towards about 40 degrees (actually between 37.6 and 52.6 degrees).

Now, as I mentioned, Compass school Feng Shui is decidedly not the whole picture, or the whole meal as I described in my analogy. There is also the Flying stars of the building which we are not able to take into consideration, not to mention the monthly stars, the good or bad directions of the enemy! Did I say enemy? Well, the dealer anyway. There are also a great many things having to do with Ashley himself that I could have no way of knowing.

So what I’d like to say is Good luck to Ashley Revell, May the Chi be with him!!!

Devra Robitaille is an experienced classically trained Feng Shui consultant who works in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. She writes a regular Feng Shui column in the Nevada Examiner. Many thanks to Devra for this special on-site report.