Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Angela to make Feng Shui tour of USA and Canada

Angela in Vancouver

April will see Master Angela headed to North America for an extended period of Feng Shui consulting and research, as well as a retreat to spend time on her forthcoming book. First stop, her old hometown, Vancouver, Canada!

For clients based in North America, this presents you with a great opportunity to meet Angela and seek her advice with regard to your Feng Shui concerns. We can already confirm that she will be available for clients in and around both the Vancouver, Canada area and Seattle in the USA.

We hope to confirm inclusion of the New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles areas shortly, with Houston and Florida marked as probable destinations too. It also looks likely that Angela will visit Edmonton in Canada. In total, we expect Angela to be in North America for close to six months before embarking on a Far Eastern and European tour.

Wherever you are in the USA or Canada we openly invite you to apply for consultation during Angela’s visit. We’ve specifically left gaps open in her diary to allow her the freedom to visit areas we’ve not listed and sending us your details online will only take a few minutes. Many of you will be familiar with Angela’s “tell-it-like-it-is” style from her Feng Shui Essentials online course and this represents a unique opportunity to get face-to-face advice from one of Europe’s most respected traditional Feng Shui exponents.

For any of you who are not familiar with Angela, you’ll be reassured to know that she’s a speaker for many of the biggest Festivals in the UK, such as the BBC’s Good Homes Show and the Mind Body Soul Festival. Take her Feng Shui Essentials course and when you see excerpts of her speaking for the BBC, you’ll recognise her accent’s Canadian tones immediately!