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When Home Life Becomes Electrifying

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Makayla Beckett asked Angela for assistance this summer, and she recently wrote to us with her thoughts afterwards. Although her house wasn’t that bad by itself, there was a power substation just off the end of the garden. The static in the house was so intense that one could literally stick things to the wall with it! Consequently the whole family suffered from strange health conditions and frazzled moods. I was really pleased to help them join the dots and start getting the help they needed. Whoever sets the guidelines for safe distances for EMFs in this country ought to live a place exposed to them for a year so they are truly qualified to set such rules.

Makayla was already smiling immediately after her consultation with Angela!Makayla was already smiling immediately after her consultation with Angela!

Dear Angela,

I would gladly give you a testimonial. When you came to do my consultation you found me in a very sorry state, I was desperate for something to make me feel better and was prepared to try anything, I did not know if Feng Shui could help but you reassured me it did not matter if I believed or not you could make things a lot better for me. My marriage was a mess, my health was awful and I was so hard up I borrowed the money for the consultation, since you visited my home and put in place several very needy cures my health and relationships have improved ten fold and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I live in a very bad Feng Shui house for me and I hope with the help you have given me I will get lucky with my wealth and be able to afford to move to a good house.

I do not regret having the consultation at all, even if wealth doesn’t come my way (I know it will though) I am glad to feel better and to have a marriage to talk about.

A very big thank you, Angela

Love Makayla