Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Feng Shui Feedback From Kent

Angela Ang in Kent

The following letter is from a client Angela advised recently, and it explains her experiences and thoughts on the Feng Shui consultation.

6th October

First of all I want to thank you for your prompt attention when I first e-mailed you. I had a curiosity for Feng Shui but always thought that it would cost me thousands of pounds to have this done. After talking to Angela on the phone I knew that this was the right thing to go and a date was set.

On the Sunday of our consultation, Angela turned up and I was greeted by that beaming smile of hers. At this point I was quite nervous not knowing what would happen. I think in a lot of peoples minds they think that when they have a consultation they will have a house full of strange objects and have to go for a very minimal look in the house. I can assure anyone thinking that this certainly was not my experience of feng shui.

Angela took time to listen to what I had to say and what my husband I were feeling, and going on in our lives. At this time in our lives we have a number of issues that we face, infertility, sleepless nights, problems with my husbands job and him not being able to find another, despite being more than qualified for the jobs he is applying for and not being able to save money. Angela felt that feng shui could certainly help. Her enthusiasm and total belief in what she is doing convinced me that I did not need to believe in anything for this to really work.

I showed Angela around the house and then left her to do her calculations. All the time she was busy working things out she explained to me the theory behind what she was doing. It was like having a mini lesson in Feng Shui. Our consultation lasted until Angela was happy that she had left no stone unturned.

Once Angela was happy with her calculations she walked me around each area of the house and told me what I needed to do and more importantly why. She then suggested we tape her explaining to me what needed to be done so there was no doubt in my mind. She even wrote down for me on the house diagrams what needed to be done in each area of the house. While she was explaining to me what needed to be done, I was totally amazed when Angela told me that the best place to cook in the kitchen was the place facing the way that I always do. The reason I always face that way is because if I work the other way I get tired very quickly. I know this sounds weird but believe me this is true. I always cook in my slow cooker in the place that Angela had said it should go. It was quite great to hear this.

By the time Angela had left I was so excited I could not wait to put them into action. My husband was a little skeptical about some of the cures, but he said he would go along with it to see what happened.

Monday evening came and I placed my water feature in the kitchen, brought the necessary plants in place. Put up our bagua. Then for the least favourite of all the cures Angela suggested was moving the bed. We then went to bed, with our heads facing the correct direction. To my husbands amazement for the first time in 2 1/2 years we both slept like babies. When we woke it was amazing that we both felt refreshed. Why we were both amazed I don’t know Angela said it would work. – It did.

Since our consultation I have cancelled my cleaning lady that came in once a week not for financial reasons, but because I am able now to fit in the ironing and cleaning with my full time job and part time studying. It is amazing how different I feel now I am not permanently drained. This in itself has saved us money. Your money does not always come from where you expect it. Prior to the movement of the bed and the activation of our wealth corner, I was forever chasing my tail and was always tired.

The only way that I can explain the change in the feeling in the house is that time has slowed down and given my chance to catch up.

We have tried the fire formation that was suggested in the bedroom, well what can I say, but the heat in the bedroom does not just come from the candles. You can tell when they are on and when they are not.

One other thing I have to share with you is that I have told a friend who has a business that is in financial trouble all about you – unfortunately she is not in a position to afford a consultation, but she is taking your on line course to try and help herself. I will let you know how she gets on.

I have to say I would not hesitate to recommend Rising Dragon Feng Shui to anyone. The only question I would ask is – Why did I not do this sooner?!!!

We will keep you posted as things happen.

Once again thank you.

Lisa Hatch