Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Rising Dragon Feng Shui in Aberdeen, Scotland

Feng Shui in Aberdeen

In August, Rising Dragon Feng Shui was invited to consult in Aberdeen. While we were there we were also able to take a look around the “Granite City”, the grey jewel of Scotland and capital of the UK’s North Sea Oil industry. Here are some of our memoirs:

On the taxi ride into town from the airport, the taxi driver had joked that normally in Aberdeen kids are only aware of the sun through school encyclopedias! It must’ve been their first summer in years when I arrived and the weather was soothingly warm and fresh.

Aberdeen city centre
Union Street runs through Aberdeen’s city centre which streches in a line for about a mile.

Aberdeen architecture
Some of the architecture is the stuff of fairy tales and it’s built from huge granite bricks dug locally. Add a few performers and it could’ve been Disneyland!

Master Angela with her Feng Shui lopan in Aberdeen
The town may seem dull and grey, particularly when it rains, but the people are shining and positive.

Angela at church in Aberdeen
I wandered into one of the cities many churches to ask God to give me the power and the courage to change people’s lives positively. That night I saw Jim Carey in Bruce Almighty, where God challenges him to do a better job. If I was God the first thing I’d do is put an end to is bad Feng Shui housing developments!

Serenity prayer plaque
As a souvenir I bought this card at the Church; in Feng Shui knowing what we can change and doing it is paramount.