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Rising Dragon Feng Shui are proud to announce that The Good Web Guide now officially lists www.rising-dragon.co.uk as one of the very best websites in the UK in it’s Health Channel. In an extremely positive review from some of the web’s most experienced critics, we were extremely pleased to receive top marks for content and to be the first Feng Shui site listed amongst such famous names Deepak Chopra, the BBC, iVillage, Handbag.com and Ask Dr. Weil.

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Described by the Daily Mail as “…a succinct, user friendly series aimed at letting you get the most from the internet”, the Good Web Guide is the UK’s definative guide to life online. Available as a subscription based online guide or in book form from good book stores or Amazon, the Good Web Guide is widely recognised as being one of the most impartial sources of good advice for surfers today. To give you an idea of the high standard of critique applied, here is what the Good Web Guide said about their Review Policy:

The Good Web Guide recommendation is completely impartial. Suggestions for sites to be included in the guides come from our in-house team of researchers, as well as friends and members of the public, but the final selection is made by the author of each guide. Each site is visited at least five times and by at least two different people.

Reviews are focused on the website and what it sets out to do, rather than an endorsement of a company or its product. A small but beautiful site run by a one-man band may be rated higher than an ambitious but flawed site run by a mighty organisation.

Relevance to the UK based visitor is also given a high premium. Quality and accuracy of content is paramount, and we also value clear navigation, reasonable download times, links that work, good design and legibility. As we aim only to include sites that we feel are of serious interest there are very few low-rated sites our selection.

Speaking on this great news, Charlotte Frejya-Richwoods, Managing Director of Rising Dragon Feng Shui, said “This is fantastic for us as we’ve put a lot of time, effort, money and care into bringing you a website that works for our customers. Having an authority like The Good Web Guide notice that gives us a real good feeling as we’ve tried real hard to make people aware of the honest truth of Feng Shui and to communicate Feng Shui’s value and basis clearly. We don’t sit around saying how good we are and we don’t criticise other people – we can let some of the most experienced and respected reviewers on the internet tell you what they think.

It goes without saying that we’ve used Feng Shui on ourselves and our business – we know it works and this latest accolade is a testament to that. But to us, real success is measured in how many people we can set free from their troubles. Feng Shui really works and if you ever find yourself stuck we want to make you our next success story.”

The Good Web Guide is the latest in a series of positive responses we’ve received from respected companies. Others have included Which? magazine, Shopsafe.co.uk, Astrosell, ByRegion.net and the Golden Web Award. As such, we can proudly display their Recommended Site logo:

Good Web Guide Recommended