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“Women Who Can” Read Rising Dragon Feng Shui

青龍返首 - The Dragon Rises

It sounds obvious doesn’t it, but women who really believe they can achieve, do achieve.

So, what’s the difference between those who wish they could and those who know they can?

It isn’t about how much money they may have or how intelligent they are, it’s all in their mind!

Yes, it’s as simple as that. The women who know they can, have a positive attitude and outlook on life. They are willing to take chances and, if they don’t work out, they start again!

So starts the new website for women, Women Who Can. Put together as a hobby by a woman who is doing it herself, Anne Baron. It’s a collection of positive resources designed to help women achieve what they want.

“My site is a general resource aimed at women, like myself, who are at home and don’t really have the time to surf the web for good quality sites” says Anne.

She’s already begun to create some interesting articles and has invited other women to contribute their views. Her first areas of concern have included Healing, Tanning and the all important one… Feng Shui! While we were both delighted and a little red-cheeked at what she said about us, Anne has also taken a good line on how to view the different systems of self help out there. Here is what she commented on us:

This is an excellent UK based Feng Shui site. It has a full range of resources from useful articles to a consultancy service. It’s easy to navigate and caters for everyone from beginners to the more experienced. It’s a friendly site and when you email them they get back to you quickly, which shows how professional they are!

If you’re involved with personal development, whether from a viewpoint of the great wisdom traditions of the East or from the scientific Western approaches, why not hop over to Women Who Can and see if you can help yourself and others?