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Rising Dragon Feng Shui wins the Golden Web Award 2002-2003

Golden Web Award Winner Certificate

Rising Dragon Feng Shui is today celebrating it’s ongoing success after the International Association of Web Masters and Designers, the IAWMD, awarded us winners of the Golden Web Award 2002-2003. This prestigious award is contested for by web developers and IT professionals from around the world to make the most innovative, informative and intelligent websites that drive forwards the standards for online content.

Here at Rising Dragon Feng Shui, we’ve always had a commitment to excellence. So far this year…

March 2002 – Best of Websites
We were awarded the Best of Websites award for outstanding use of the internet within the healing arts community.

ByRegion Healers Award

July 2002 – Chosen Content Providers
Pan-European portal giants, Lycos gave us an honour by including us in their Lifestyle Directory index. You can also access us from all the other major online directories, like Yahoo! and DMOZ.

Lycos logo

August 2002 – Featured Site
At the same time, online commerce software providers, Astrosell, singled out the Rising Dragon Feng Shui Store for feature on their site as one of the most exemplary and creative uses of their products

Astrosell logo

October 2002 – Thumbs up from Which?
Which? Online, run by the Consumer’s Association awards the Rising Dragon Feng Shui Store Which? Web Trader status, making us one of just over 2,000 UK companies to reach this high standard.Which? Web Trader logo

And now in November, we proudly receive the Golden Web Award for 2002 – 2003 from the IAWMD for excellence! Here is our Golden Website Award:

Golden Web Award Winner seal

And here is the certificate they sent with the actual physical trophy:

Golden Web Award Winner Certificate

Golden Web Award Winner Certificate

Sites competing for the Golden Web Award make a commitment to high levels of quality as well as upholding the IAWMD code of ethics. Their well-trained committee reviews every site that is submitted to the IAWMD No other award program can match the high development standards, the mass amount of qualified members, and the high public name recognition that the IAWMD commands.

The entire team here at Rising Dragon Feng Shui would like to extend our thanks to our Grand Masters, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu and Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai for their teaching that has made everything possible – with the help of good Feng Shui, we are demonstrating how things go from strength to strength. We’d also like to thank our readership for all their comments which give us so much encouragement and support in what we do! Thank you all, please do keep your comments coming! Here are a few comments we received recently:

I really love your website and i have added it to my favourites. I would just like 2 say Ii have tried feng shui and it has helped me through me gcses and my lost relationship with my ex girlfriend. Thank you very much, I really would like to thank you

Andy, Essex

Thanks for the great articles!

Kayla, France

About the IAWMD
The International Association of Web Masters and Designers (or the IAWMD), which was founded in 1997 and is today supported by 310,000 members and affiliates in 145 counties worldwide. It is dedicated to better relationships as well as interactivity between developers and surfers, instilling web-based confidence and contributing to a talented web development community.

The IAWMD awards program allows Webmasters to compete for and display various awards and achievements of recognition, for their work and creativity in website design and content, upon evaluation and confirmation of various award requirements.