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Feng Shui in North London

Enfield’s Sharon Mitchell is a model of personal power. A mother to two handsome young boys, a wife, a career in IT… She’s put herself out to be more than just a survivor; she wants to be a success! When she asked us to Feng Shui her home in Enfield, North London we were delighted to help. Sharon was looking to become self employed by becoming an independent distributor for the nutritional supplements company, HerbaLife.

“HerbaLife was great for me,” explained Sharon. “After I had my first son, Don, I was able to slim down fairly easily. But things weren’t like that after Nathan! After months of struggling on my own, getting frustrated with getting nowhere, I was introduced to HerbaLife. On the one hand it made my life easier, as I only needed to prepare my meal replacement drinks and eat from simple, easy foods. On the other hand I got coaching and support from someone who really cared about making the programme work for me. I think it was the interest in me shown by my HerbaLife coach that really set it apart from other slimming products; having someone to share your progress with helps so much! And that was how I got enough belief in their products to want to distribute them myself.”

When a person has many things going on, it’s often a hard job to keep up with them. The last thing you need is for “things to keep on happening”, little problems, disturbances or calamities that break your stride, slow you down or throw you off course. That’s why it is so extremely important to engage a Feng Shui consultant before you move and before you start up a business. Feng Shui is extremely effective at preventing calamities from arising, keeping you focussed, inspired and healthy and supporting the influx of prosperity. There are many hurdles you’ll need to overcome to get there and the help of an expert will move you forwards many times faster than just researching Feng Shui by yourself.

Here are a few words of Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu’s teachings about a common problem for homes in the UK and USA – the position of the staircase:

In western-style residences, more often than not, the staircase faces the main gate of the house.

Some Feng Shui consultants tend to overlook the staircase. Some say that a staircase close to the gate symbolizes upward moving each step being higher than the last. If the staircase leads to the basement, it symbolizes downward movement, each step being lower than the last. Upward movement is good while downward movement is bad.

In fact, these are erroneous ideas. The reason is that when the vitality forces come in through the main gate, they are stopped by the staircase, which, by its steps with cutting edges, intercepts them and throws them into confusion.

According to books on Feng Shui, the staircase close to the main gate symbolizes a bumpy road, full of unexpected destruction. This is something very serious. I would think that a staircase near the main gate is like a pillar close to the gate, it has strong destructive power.

In short, the staircase in the sitting-room of those sumptuous buildings is a “sign of decline.” For ordinary families, a staircase next to the gate is a “sign of unexpected calamities.”

Sharon Mitchell and Feng Shui consultant Angela Ang after Sharon's Feng Shui Consultation in Enfield, North London

Sharon Mitchell and Feng Shui consultant Angela Ang after Sharon’s Feng Shui Consultation in Enfield, North London

Furthermore, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu doesn’t believe that wind chimes, hanging bells, bamboo flutes or bronze nails are particularly effective in curing this problem as the incoming vitality forces will still be confused by the chopping effect of the stairs, although they may make you feel better for some time. You’ll need the help of an expert if you are to solve this problem without moving.

Sharon asked if we could share her thoughts with others regarding how the consultation went. She was impressed with the accuracy of the reading, how our consultant could name the times at which certain things had happened for her. These are her words:

Hi Angela,

Dropping you a line to say thank you for your help and advice. I felt a bit nervous at the beginning of the consultancy, but this soon disappeared once you explained a bit about your background, and what you were doing.

By the end of the consultancy I was very relaxed and a lot more positive. Your reading was very accurate indeed. So I will be taking great care! I have already put into action some of the suggestions. I moved the furniture around in the bedrooms, in fact I did it as soon as you left! Nathan, Don and myself all slept a lot better.

I feel very calm now and the living room feels a lot calmer now too.

Thank you again for help,

Having given Sharon a major boost, both to bring in new prosperity, and also to cut out her major sources of disharmony from within her home, we are confident that things will be better for her. We wish her all the best in developing her business distributing HerbaLife products.