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Feng Shui in Epsom for Nam Yang Kung Fu

From left - Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore

When Dragons Gather, Auspiciousness will Result

Traditional warriors of auspiciousness, who chase off negative energies, scare away evil spirits and bring good fortune, the Southern Shaolin style Kung Fu of the Nam Yang Pugilistic Association is an exotic blend of culture, history, athleticism and self-mastery.

They combine elements of the five original martial systems of the southern Shaolin Temple: the Tat Moh, Lohon, Tiger Kung Fu, Monkey and White Crane style Kung Fu, with emphasis on the White Crane and Tiger styles of Kung Fu.

Along with hard and soft chi kung , the Shaolin weapons and ‘San Da’ full contact fighting, Nam Yang present a complete system of Chinese martial arts.

Ranked fourth in the world at traditional Kung Fu Lion dancing in the World Championships 2000, we went to their UK headquarters in Epsom, Surrey just outside London to meet their lineage master, Sifu Tan of Singapore and their UK master, Sifu Iain Armstrong. They wanted to see if Rising Dragon Feng Shui could use traditional Feng Shui techniques to improve their chi, form and concentration and give them the boost they need to become world number 1.

Nam Yang Kung Fu perform a Dragon Dance for the Jubilee Celebrations

Nam Yang Kung Fu perform a Dragon Dance for the Jubilee Celebrations

“Traditional Kung Fu practice is rare indeed,” Master Tan confided. “These days there are many people who claim to know the complete Shaolin Kung Fu system, but few have mastered the subtleties. For Nam Yang Kung Fu, we are very proud to be able to say that we can trace our lineage back through history to Tat Mo (Boddhidharma), the famous Indian Monk who traveled through the Himalayas to China to spread Buddhism there. I learned from my master, Master Ang Lian Huat, who brought the Kung Fu system to Singapore from Taiwan. He himself learned Kung Fu from ‘the secretive old man’ Tee Hong Yew, Tan Kew Leong, leader of the herbal medicine peddlers in Fukien Province’s Chuan Chew district and Moa Xiang Meng, a monk from the Chuan Chew Shaolin Temple. Thus we are able trace the passage of the authentic Kung Fu back through generations.”

“Likewise, when we looked to appoint a Feng Shui consultant we were very careful about who we used. Firstly you should look to see that the Feng Shui consultant has learned from a reputable master. I myself have personally met one of Angela Ang’s masters, Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai as he is head of the Malaysian Wushu Martial Arts Federation, he is highly respected in South East Asia as a Feng Shui master. Secondly a consultant should have a good understanding of the guiding principles behind the system such as chi, Ba Zi, Tai Sui and the Tong Shui. Without a depth of understanding, their results may be invalid. Just as a poorly trained Kung Fu practitioner stands a good chance of injuring himself or other through his exploits, so too a poorly trained Feng Shui consultant is a danger. Look for someone who understands the traditional details rather than one who entertains fashionable ideas and you will be spending your money wisely”

From left - Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore

From left – Master Iain Armstrong, Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant Angela Ang and the head of Nam Yang Kung Fu Association, Master Tan of Singapore

The Nam Yang system of Shaolin Kung Fu gives us incredible testimonies to the truth of Chi. Through a rigorous programme of training and internal development, Sifu Iain Armstrong is able to raise his students Chi to the level where they are able to manipulate it to withstand powerful strikes without injury. “It’s not about being the hard man” said Sifu Iain. “It’s about dedication to mastering yourself and harnessing the amazing potential that you have as a human being. The Nam Yang Kung Fu system is suitable for both sexes and all age groups. We’re not masochist and we do not do this in our training all the time! These demonstrations are purely to let people know what the human body is capable of.”

Seeing pictures of Sifu Iain and his students demonstrating traditional Shaolin Kung Fu techniques like Iron Shirt Chi Gung, Iron Throat Chi Gung and even Iron Groin Chi Gung, one quickly realises that if it were not for the power of Chi that these people have mastered within themselves they would be suffering serious injury to put on such demonstrations as these:

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Photos courtesy of Combat Magazine and are reproduced from their May 01 feature on Master Iain Armstrong

“Practicing the Nam Yang system brings many benefits” explained Sifu Tan. “Firstly one will learn to master oneself, developing greater self-control, discipline, respect and patience. These qualities for the basis of a successful life, and it is true that the perfection of character may be achieved by practicing martial arts.”

“Secondly, one’s Chi becomes very strong and one benefits from good health. You become very resistant to illness; I myself very rarely fall sick, even when many around me have flu or colds. One’s vital energy is nurtured and preserved by the system, giving you health into your old age and helping you avoid many of the ailments others will suffer from as they grow older”

“Additionally, you learn an effective system of self-defence and will develop confidence to lead the life you want. Learning this system from a traditional Kung Fu association like ours gives you access to all these within a friendly and easy-going environment. We don’t bully or force people to do more than they are capable of. We work to bring up your level until you are able to say that you live the Shaolin way. Not many other people can offer you that”

With such a great understanding of Chi within the Nam Yang Kung Fu association, we knew they would understand the benefits of good Feng Shui at their Epsom training centre. They would be able to draw on the Chi to strengthen their practice and form and by checking its flow they would minimise the risk of injury while training. It would help enhance their mental clarity and reduce brain fog, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.

The Epsom, Surrey Branch of the Nam Yang Kung Fu Association with Master Tan of Singapore and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

The Epsom, Surrey Branch of the Nam Yang Kung Fu Association with Master Tan of Singapore and Rising Dragon Feng Shui Consultant, Angela Ang

Using the Ba Zi method of divination, we are able to see that a period of growth, prosperity and good luck awaits Nam Yang Association in the UK. Even though they have over 500 practitioners at clubs in Epsom, Brighton, Stoke, Portsmouth and Croydon this is just the beginning for them. However, if there were faults with their Feng Shui it would inhibit that future from being as bright as it should be.

Angela Ang performed a wide range of traditional formula including placing the seat of the gods, examining the Eight Mansions and Twenty Four Mountains, looking at the Xuan Kong Flying Star method and checking for defects that would affect the form of the area. She also used a powerful “Breaking Killings” Fu, a potent technique from Taoism that allows one to subjugate all negative energies using a spiritual charm or fuju.

In New Revelations from the Buddha King, Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu said:

“The knowledge of Feng Shui is wide and profound. There are many and varied schools around. I have learned the “Nine Star tradition” from Qing Zhen the priest. The purpose of learning Feng Shui is to change the fate of human beings; and carry out the salvation mission.

Armed with the knowledge of Feng Shui is just like having two knives, I am able to go through fire and water to help the poor and the needy, to show my bold and uninhibited characters. In fact, I even thought of using Feng Shui to lead a vagrant life. To make my home wherever I am, and maintain an uncertain whereabouts.

The cream of Feng Shui once mastered will lead to instant results. Traditional knowledge of Feng Shui will need at least 3 to 5 years if not 10 years to master. Moreover we need to practice divination. The knowledge of Feng Shui must surely be fake if there is no success in our interpretations.

Since Qing Zhen the priest is the best in Feng Shui, my skills will never be too bad.

It is a pity that nowadays, most of the Feng Shui practitioners are without any lineage. With only a little knowledge, they just set up shop to mislead others. It is too bad!”

The Nam Yang Traditional Kung Fu Association will provide regular feedback with us in the future, as well as at shows around the country and in Combat magazine. You can contact them by visiting their website or by calling them on 01372 725918