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Rising Dragon Feng Shui Recieve Recommendation From Lycos UK

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Living, learning, working, loving…. The Lycos Women’s Lifestyle Directory has it all! Lycos’ Women’s Lifestyle Directory have now made Rising Dragon Feng Shui their only editorially approved Feng Shui site.Lycos screenshot

Lycos is one of the most frequently visited and fastest growing online destinations in the UK. Their combination of health, beauty, relationships, and a whole lot more like search, communication services, content channels, Internet access, homepage building and an online communities makes it a great place to begin exploring the internet.

Today, Lycos gains more than 2.1 billion page views each month and has the largest geographical reach in Europe of any Internet portal, with a network covering 13 countries. It’s reputation for quality has grow immensely and most of us can identify the little black dog they used in their TV commercials.