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Lion Dancer at The Seni Combat Arts Show

Did Rising Dragon Feng Shui Predict the success of Seni 2002 Correctly?
Rising Dragon Feng Shui consultants Angela and Ta Ming audited the Feng Shui of the Birmingham NEC before the Seni Martial Arts Exhibition was held. They reported key points back to Cup Promotions, the exhibition organisers to let them know how we felt things would fare at the show. The key points below are extracted from our official report published in the Seni 2002 Show guide.

Kendo at Seni, Birmingham NEC

Kendo at Seni, Birmingham NEC

Key Points
Angela and Ta Ming were impressed to find such auspicious Feng Shui at the NEC. Their conclusions were:

  1. Hang six I-Ching coins in the east and south sectors of the Pavilion to minimise injury to the participants at Seni 2002.
  2. “The NEC Pavilion is an outstanding choice of venue,” says Angela. “It has an extremely rare construction that will ensure great success.”
  3. Angela explains that it is very rare to see the powerful wealth generating Water Formation created outside by the combination of Green Dragon and White Tiger in Crab Claw formation, with Low Mountain and supporting Flying Stars. “The odds of seeing all these in conjunction must be many million to one,” she says.
  4. “We predict that the show will grow this year and become a major success,” says Angela.
  5. Angela warns against changing venue for future exhibitions as the NEC Pavilion will bring them good fortune, financial success and great popularity!

What Happened?
After the show, Juliette Elam, show organiser at Cup, penned the following letter to us:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. As exhibition organisers, we feel that Seni was a huge success – visitor ticket sales were up 30% on last year and the take up of stand space almost doubled this year. I hope you found the Exhibition to be a rewarding weekend and will continue to benefit from Seni throughout the year.

Kind regards,

Juliette Elam
CUP Promotions

The show was so successful that Cup are now looking to use an even larger hall at the NEC for the next years show, such was the volume of visitors in attendance!

Rising Dragon Feng Shui look forward to continuing helping Cup promote Martial Arts to an ever wider audience and are happy help businesses and private clients find a suitable location to enjoy prosperity.