Rising Dragon Feng Shui

The Healing Arts Festival, London 2001

The Healing Arts Festival took place this in the Royal Horticultural Halls, Victoria, London across the 8th to 11th of November. This years Festival saw larger numbers attending that in previous years, especially positive in light of recent events and forecasts of doom and gloom.

Rising Dragon attended for the first time with both Eddie Lui and Angela Ang available to answer the public’s questions. We were also honoured to have guest appearances by Reverend Lian Cheng Fa Si (or Reverend Edison as the non-Chinese speaking populus know him!) of London’s True Buddha Temple and by Reiki and Chi-Kung exponent, Ladi Ope. We were very happy to have assisted so many people on the day, and we’re working hard to get through the back log of requests we’ve got to follow up. The event was a great success.

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The photo collection was taken on Sunday 11th. Our thanks goes out to all those who helped make this event such a success, especially Corinna Chee Kam Hee, Leonard Powers, Jean & Tytus Filipowicz, Stephanie Lui, Lisa, Mia at Mind Body Spirit and everyone else!