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Building work alters the energy field of a property.  In Feng Shui, the house represents the body. Just as we wouldn’t go for an operation or undergo surgery in a dirty environment, so too we only want to operate (renovate) a house on a day when the qi in the universe is strong, vibrant and prosperous. This way when the field the house absorbs the new qi entering it as part of the renovations, it seals in this prosperous qi, making the energy in the house permanently stronger and healthier.

We offer two levels of renovation date selection. The basic level is to chose a date that is free from negative energies so that work may proceed without worry of adverse side effects. The enhanced service also factors in your own qi so that the renovations start on a date that benefits it.

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The standard Ground Breaking/Renovation Date Selection service finds dates suitable for breaking ground in general. By examining the constellations and cosmic energies, there are normally days suitable within a month. Finding this good qi requires analysis of many players including the positions of the stars, the Moon, the Sun and so forth.

The standard renovation date selection service is great for situations like renovating a property you rent out.

Our enhanced ground breaking date selection service not only finds a day that is devoid of clashing, negative or unbalanced energies as per the standard service, but it also uses additional methods to find dates that are suited to your personal qi. These dates are more powerful than the standard ones, conferring boosts. However they are more rare and it takes us much more time to mine a date that is perfectly suited for the person as well as having positive qi in itself. This also means you may have to wait longer as there may not be one of that quality in the next few days when examined through so many filters. This makes them ideal for tasks like renovations, since you know far in advance you want to do some construction work.

The enhanced renovation date selection level of service is strongly recommended for renovations in one’s own home.

Starting your renovations on an auspicious day not only means that the work undertaken is more likely to proceed smoothly, on time and budget, it also means that the auspicious qi of the day becomes infused into the work, thereby raising up the energy of the building to a higher quality on a lasting basis. If this is also on a day that’s specific to you on top of being a good day, it means that auspicious qi will invigorate your field to a greater extent, giving you a lasting boost.

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