Rising Dragon Feng Shui

2020 Rat Year Chinese Bazi Astrology Consultation – Forecast & Advice



Would you like to receive guidance and advice for 2020 Year of Rat?

Would you like to be able to avoid accidents and money loss?

See what the year has in store for you so that you can maximise this year and make it the best that it can be?

Then get your full astrological forecast and advice for 2020.

Chinese Bazi Astrology for 2020 includes:

  1. Overview of the year
  2. Positive months and negative months
  3. Clash months to be aware of
  4. Wealth months
  5. Rob wealth months to be aware of
  6. Health advice
  7. Accident and injuries prone month
  8. Personal help (ie. days to lie low, tooth extraction, medical work, operations)
  9. Auspicious days to start travel for holidays
  10. You can ask 3 Questions


This is for 1 person from now until end of Feb 3rd 2021. This includes 2 1 hours follow ups = Total 2 hours follow up time to give you further guidance. You can purchase more follow up time if you wish after you have used up your 2 hours included. 

After payment has been made, you will receive an email from Master Angela Ang herself requesting your birth hour (if known), birthday, month and year of birth. If you don’t know your birth hour, we can still do accurate forecast or even find out through divination what hour you were born so it’s fine.