Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Mountain Arts

The Mountain Arts aren’t the study of mountains, rather they’re studies that were normally made in the mountains. There, amongst the fresh air and without distraction, skill could be built.

Broadly speaking there are two sides to the mountain arts, the fighting arts and the mystic arts.

The Fighting Arts

Anyone who thinks that traditional martial arts training is just a good punch up needs to get back to their boxing ring. Traditional martial arts training covers much more, in fact an old adage is “anyone can hurt another, but only a true master can heal them”. To that end self healing, detoxification and eating practices are part of the rich history of martial arts, which blend healing Qi Gong and Nei Gong with deadly Kung Fu, Bagua Chuan, Hsing-i and other arts.

The Mystic Arts

The mountains were the perfect place to study the sage arts.

Warriors would learn meditation to still their yang impulses, preventing it from building to aggression that leads them astray. Today meditation still remains a perfect tool for taming the mind and helping us to suffer less from disturbing emotions and mental turmoil. Being able to attain this state of being is the basic requirement to be able to begin learning the mystic arts.

More advanced practitioners of the mystic arts use numerous other practices, both to attain to the higher goals of Taoism as well as to fulfil the day-to-day needs of people and communities. At Rising Dragon, some of the ones we offer include:

  • 金紙 Jin Zhi Fire Ceremonies of various sorts including ones for ancestors, spirits of the earth and the trees and various gods
  • Rituals for The Five Directional Wealth Spirits (Wu Gui), Ground God (Tu Di Gung/Di Zhu Gung) and protective guardians
  • 符 Fu talismans are used for many purposes including issuing decrees to the unseen realms, changing one’s own qi or enhancing certain mental or spiritual powers or to block, channel or ward off negative sha qi or spirits
  • Shamanistic practices, such as ghost appeasement and restraining, fertility rites, practices for overcoming troublesome people or magnetisation

Within the mystic arts of Taoism, there are a great many techniques which reflect the traditional role of Taoist sages within Chinese culture. Historically, if a village had a problem, whether that be poor crops through to marauding bandits, it was the local shaman’s task to solve these problems. This is a little different from Taoist priests. The priests teach the path to attaining the ultimate, whereas the shamans would be tasked with practicing the strategic and tactical sorcery needed to solve the problem.

In Taoist thought, when Heaven and Earth are in balance, everything becomes auspicious and happiness naturally flows. Yet the state of perfect balance is not the main state of existence on Earth. Therefore shamans were employed to restore harmony, and in fact were often leaders or elders within communities because of these skills.

Our Use of Mountain Arts

Master Ang comes from a family ancestry of shamans and has a great skill in Taoist shamanistic practices. She holds what in Chinese culture is referred to as “fairy boned”, meaning the gift of psychic connection. This means that she is very easily able to sense and connect to the various kinds of unseen beings that may be present at a given location. She’s also able to draw upon a wide range of practices to bring health, good luck, harmony and wish fulfillment.

Master Frejya-Richwoods has been involved with the fighting arts for almost 30 years and has good knowledge of healing techniques from them, including many techniques of Qi Gong, Nei Gong, diet and self healing. She also uses both seated, moving and guided meditations and many esoteric dharmas from Vajrayana Buddhism such as the Yellow Jambhala Wealth practice, the Red Jambhala (Sri Ganesha) Wealth practice, the Maha Cundi Buddha Mother black magic subjugation technique, and the magnetisation love rites of the Red Dakini of The Thirteen Golden Dharmas.

How These Can Help You

Here’s a list of some of common things we use these arts for:

  • You have a wish that needs to be fulfilled fast
  • You want to honour your ancestors
  • You are troubled by ghosts or disturbing non-physical entities
  • Black magic, curses or hexes have cast upon you
  • Your mind is troubled by your own disturbing emotions and thought patterns
  • You want to attract or magnetise someone
  • A business is opening (or reopening) and you want the occassion to be blessed
  • You have difficult family or work colleagues and want to do something to subjugate the negativity