Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Medical Arts

The Yi or Medical Arts of Taoism have spread around the world, such is the robustness of their practice and theory. Whilst self healing and diet were often taught to fighters or sages learning The Mountain Arts (Shan), these were more focussed on specific circumstances such as how to set a broken bone or how to fast in specific ways to deepen spiritual insights and therefore are something separate.

Therefore, when the accident and emergency needs of the warrior and the nutritional alchemy of the sages seeking Immortality are removed, the Yi Medical Arts covers the preventative healthcare that looks at long term health. This is quite different from Western medicine, which largely focusses on treating symptoms. Instead the Yi Medical Arts focus on building health, principly through ensuring balance in the Five Elements and Two Polarities of the bodily systems.

The main techniques that are part of Yi are:

  • Accupuncture
  • Medical Prescriptions for herbs
  • Soul Healing Techniques
  • Medical Qi Gong

We won’t be using any needles on you but we might teach you to find and massage certain key pressure points on specific meridians so that you can balance yourself. We may also recommend certain foods or herbs but because we’re not running a healing centre, we won’t be treating any medical conditions. We may help you learn specific practices that help you boost your own health, such as techniques from Qi Gong and we may help you with techniques that help you let go of negative emotions, calm your mind and reconnect to your soul.