Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Life Arts

The Life Arts or Ming, are one of the most important parts of Taoist Wu Shu. What it really means is the study of people’s lives by using techniques like Ba Zi (The Eight Characters) to see what a person’s past, present and future look like. This is because whether your intention is to heal, hurt, hallow or help a person, you need to understand their personality and see how it creates their destiny. The arts of Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shou let us do just that.

What sorts of things can be seen through the study of Life Arts?

  • A person’s character type and outlook
  • Whether the person at first meeting shows their true colours or if first impressions tend to be different from their routine habits
  • How they get on with different people such as mother, father, grandparents, spouse, boss, children, friends
  • Do they have lovers? Have they had them in the past or will they in the future?
  • When is the time that this person can find true love?
  • How wealthy can the person grow to become?
  • What health problems should they take care to avoid?
  • Are they prone to accidents or money loss?
  • What is their internal headspace like? Do they fight with things in their own mind or self sabotage?
  • What types of habits can they adopt to progress more quickly or avoid personality clashes?

This really is just dipping the toe in. The study of Life Arts is as big as all the lives all human beings put together because everybody can be studied by these means.

Both Master Ang and Master Frejya-Richwoods have skill in Ba Zi divination, which is called either The Eight Characters or The Four Pillars of Destiny when translated to English. Almost all services will require some use of Ming Life Arts which provide an excellent way for us to get to know you and the obstacles you’ve faced to get to where you are now.