Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Divination Arts

Although Feng Shui, Face Reading and Ba Zi are all ways of seeing what might happen to a person at a point in time, these arts are not the ideal tool for every task. For instance, if a football match were to happen, calculating the charts of everyone involved, analysing the land form of the stadium and then drawing a conclusion would be a mammoth undertaking and the match would probably be over before all the necessary formulas had been calculated!

A far better way of getting answers to questions is to use one of the Divination Arts. Whilst there are many other ways such as Kau Chim fortune telling sticks, the main two camps are these:

    • I-Ching (or Yi-Jing) or The Book of Changes – this is a widely used art which has been available to the public for a long time. There are even Western translations of The Book of Changes that date back to the 1800s. It involves picking a hexagram and inerpretting the meaning
    • San Shi or The Three Arts of Warcraft – I-Ching can be useful for quick, easy questions but The Three Arts of Warcraft are a different level of oracle altogether. Until recently, these were closely guarded secrets kept by The Imperial Court due to the depth of predictive intelligence and strategic power they reveal. For instance, being able to tell where your opponent is strong and where they are weak has always been useful. What if you could also peak into their terrain, see the buildings or know the thoughts they were going through?

      China had a troubled history. The geography meant that many warlords or rulers could build safeholds in mountains that were unassailable and so wars could colour the rivers red for hundreds of years with neither side being able to triumph. Against this backdrop, the Taoist sages got to work developing the Three Arts. Famously Qi Men Dun Jia, one the Three Arts of Warcraft, was used to devastating effect at what is still the biggest naval battle in recorded history, where the Northern Warlord Cao Cao descended with 800,000 men to crush the South’s alliance between Liu Bei and Sun Quan who held their soverignty with a meagre 50,000 warriors. The Southern warlords turned to a scholar, Zhuge Liang, for strategy and using the insights he was able to divine, he was able to advise them through the steps that lead to the downfall of previously undefeated Cao Cao.

Whether in politics, business or family life, divination helps you discover rich insights in complex situations. It could be when to launch a new publicity campaign, to understand what that difficult in-law is really thinking or to decide whether a house seller is trying to get one over on you.