Rising Dragon Feng Shui


Within Rising Dragon Feng Shui, we hold expertise in the full traditional Taoist system of Wu Shu or The Five Arts. This is unusual; in the past most would learn one and sometimes two of the arts. Only elite masters with excellent karmic roots would be blessed with the luck to inherit more than three of the arts.

The Five Arts are typically broken down as follows:

  • Mountain Arts – commonly mistaken to mean Feng Shui, it in fact refers the warrior and sage paths which were typically only taught in remote places. Includes diet, self healing, detoxification, meditation, ancestor worship (jin zhu), talisman writing (fuju) and shamanism
  • Medical Arts – includes all of Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture, herbalism, soul and energetic healing
  • Life Arts – are the study of predestined karma using either Four Pillars or Eight Character Ba Zi divination or Purple Star Astrology Zi Wei Dou Shu
  • Appearance Arts – the study of landform or Feng Shui, whether for the living (Yang Chai Feng Shui) or the dead (Yin Chai Feng Shui), together with the study of palm reading, mole and face reading and the art of studying the calligraohy of names belong here
  • Oracle Divination – while the I-Ching is the most famous Chinese future prediction art, Tai Yi, Da Liu Ren and Qi Men Dun Jia are San Shi or The Three Systems of Warcraft, so called not because they teach sword fighting but rather because they assisted rulers in making the right decisions to win wars. As such they have long been a closely guarded secret of the Imperial Court for study and use only by the elite.

In addition to The Five Arts of Taoism, we hold lineage in Buddhism and so may also call upon dharmas from the Buddha’s vast teachings.