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War Up Above Starts Tomorrow – Get Ready Now!

A massive Coronal Mass Ejection or solar flare

In the study of Chinese Metaphysics, we believe that the universe and everything in it are subject to patterns which are predictable. In the past, I’ve spoken about how science is now coming together with this. Research by the US…
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Can Feng Shui Help Us Keep Warm?

Snowfall in Keswick, England

What with #theBeastFromTheEast causing households across Britain to wrap up and close the windows as The Met Office predicts temperatures of minus 10 – 15ºC, I’m feeling fairly confident in my preparations for what the press are dubbing “The Great British…
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Animal Spirits, Geomagnetism and Feng Shui For Traders

One area that is of widespread interest is the idea that life on Earth is influenced by the magnetic pulls of various bodies in our Solar System. Most of you will know that the Moon – which is but a…
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