Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Wish Fulfillment Rituals

Are you caught in a situation that is making you feel, “I wish this could happen”? You’re in luck – our Taoist Wish Fulfillment rituals are designed for just that. Many situations can be influenced by these:

  • A moment when someone else is deciding your fate, for example during a job interview or company restructuring, when seeing if you are picked for the team or university or when a judge will call a verdict
  • Times when you want hostilities to end, such as during family disputes, office politics or when being punished by an estranged lover or partner
  • Times when you want someone to wake up to something they should or shouldn’t be doing such as your teenage daughter getting drawn in to sexting or your elderly relative with the blood pressure problem who refuses to consider what they eat and drink
  • When you want someone to turn around and reconsider their choice, whether that’s the ex who split with you or the boss who is treating you unfairly

These are just a few of the scenarios we’ve used them in over the years. Ceremonies are typically carried out at your place, although select clients may be offered the option of us conducting them remotely. The exact procedure will vary according to the intention.

How long does it take?

Whilst it can take several hours on our part to prepare for some rituals, normally you’ll only see up to an hour when it’s performed. Thereafter the effects can be immediate in some cases or phasing in for others. Some rituals can have long lasting results depending upon the intention that was set into them.

Is this guaranteed?

We guarantee to carry out the ritual correctly with our best intentions to bring you results. At the same time we do not guarantee that any ritual will bring the desired result.

Some of this may simply be down to your fate – for instance if you want to a catwalk model it’s not likely we can get you the result you seek if you’re a 60 year old man. Wishes need to be feasible at some level, even if it might seem a bit like asking for a miracle. If you wanted to wish for it to be sunny whilst your wedding photographs are taken, it is possible even if you are getting married in late December, and indeed influencing the weather is traditional skill of shamans, so do ask if that is what you wish for!

Some of it may be down to intensity – for instance some circumstances might need a series of rituals to be carried out.

Why? This is easiest explained with an analogy.

If you can see dark clouds looming and you know things are about to rain on you soon, this type of practice isn’t going to stop that cloud from having formed – it’s already there. What this practice is going to do is to create a strong cross wind. This way, instead of the clouds emptying on you, we aim for the current to blow it away. In some cases this will mean that you get a short shower rather than a complete wash out. In the very best, you may see the rain landing everywhere else but where you are!

To generate a cross wind strong enough will depend upon the size and weight of rain clouds heading to you. This is why some circumstances may require multiple procedures to generate enough cross wind.

Some situations can be a fixed karma, something that your highest self is drawn into not because it is enjoying it, but because it is for the highest good of all involved. Fixed karmas may be reduced in their intensity or duration but cannot be avoided fully.

Now that you’re aware of the dynamics of how wish fulfilment works, the best thing to do is to get in touch and talk it through with Master Angela. Call or leave a message on 07842 919878.