Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Ghosts & Haunted House Pacification

Do you find that you have disturbances at night? Strange sounds or unusual feelings in parts of the house? If you think that you might be suffering from spiritual disturbances, we can help.

In Eastern belief, ghosts are very real and occur for many reasons. Some become stuck in what Buddhists call the realm of the Pretas – or hungry ghosts – due to their excessive miserliness during life. Some are so adamant that there is no afterlife that when the moment comes for them to depart, they carry on life as normal. Some die so quickly and unexpectedly they too remain trapped in limbo whereas others have such a strong attachment or aversion to a place, object or person, that even after death they cannot move on, so strong is their bond. Occasionally, the feelings are strong enough that that they look for us after we’ve died and been reborn. If these are from a past life of ours that find us in this life, they’re called karmic enemies or attached spirits. The nature of the disturbance often varies according the relationship – a spirit of someone’s former business partner that got ripped off will often cause different trouble to say, a former lover who died and couldn’t let go. The former may want to see trouble, humiliation and loss, whereas the latter may actually love you and simply be upset that you have eyes for anyone else.

In Buddhist thought, these beings belong to the ghost realm, yet there are also other supernatural beings that can cause disturbances, including land spirits and tree spirits amongst others. These are not the same as ghosts, in that they have a fuller consciousness typically, yet they share similarities in that they too are part of the unseen world that coexists with the physical world.

The Buddhist and Taoist way of dealing with ghosts or spirits that cause disturbances is often very different from the way the Western Church deals with them. We don’t view them as a horror movie that requires exorcism, despite the fact that we fully acknowledge that living with them can be unsettling and unpleasant. Instead, we view them as another soul in need of love. Our way is to try to befriend them first and both Taoism and Buddhism have many shamanic rites designed to bring balance and harmony back between the seen and unseen worlds. Humans are yang whereas spirits are considered yin. Too much yin energy can steal the vitality and luck from human occupants of a house, so it’s important to deal with the situation appropriately.

Imagine that you had died and somehow become trapped in limbo. You had to watch people move into your house and strip out your favourite decor, dig up the garden you’d worked so hard to establish and get rid of the sofa you loved to lounge on. Would it turn you into a trouble maker?

There are many reasons why spirits or ghosts become anchored to a place. In the bigger scheme of things, there is some karmic connection between them and you in order that you both be in the same place, at the same time. Our practices aim to request peace between the various inhabitants of a place. We try to encourage ghosts to go into the light and take rebirth in addition to providing them with many reasons to be happy should they be too attached or fearful to go immediately.

My teacher, Grandmaster Lu, once spoke of a house he visited as a Feng Shui master. The house hadn’t sold despite being on the market for a long time in a great location at a good price. With his spiritual eye Grandmaster was able to see and hear the cause without looking at the Feng Shui. He asked the owner if he’d had a dog, to which the reply was yes, but it had died a few years ago. Grandmaster asked if it had been a large guard dog, describing it, to the amazement of the house owner. The dog had loved the owner so much, it had refused to leave when it died. It remained as a ghost, barking loudly at all visitors. Despite the fact it wasn’t seen by ordinary people, the feeling it gave to visitors was off putting and consequently the house never sold. Grandmaster did a blessing for the loyal guard dog ghost, helping it to be reborn, and soon after the house was sold without any use of Feng Shui.

Like the reasons there are as to why ghosts come into being, ghosts vary hugely in how open they are. Many will go after a single ceremony but some may have been stuck in a place a long time, or have very deep emotional connections to a place, object or person. Ones in this category often become less troublesome but may require several sessions to get the desired level of calm. Similarly land spirits and other natural spirits are much more tied to a location than ghosts, however they are often more open to becoming allies and, after befriending can often go on to become protectors and benefactors of the inhabitants.

Although the Buddhist and Taoist systems do contain techniques for subjugating ghosts, these are last ditch methods. The most common technique we use is a type of fire ceremony which provides the spirits with vast amounts of wealth and resources together with prayers for their rebirth. The aim is to help them take rebirth but if that isn’t possible then flooding them with the things that make life happier should help change their patterns of thought and behaviour. In time, this frees them up to be less stuck on haunting a place and repays any karmic debt you may have with them, thereby helping you both out of a situation of conflict. Just like the way in the human world we can help someone get over a hurt they may feel by being nice to them, so too in this practice we aim to help the ghosts that disturb you have their negative feelings swamped by so much kindness that they just can’t go on doing it. We believe this is a far better path for all involved than going on the war path and highly recommend anyone in a haunting situation give this practice a try to de-intensify the situation. Contact us to chat about it.