Rising Dragon Feng Shui

Ancestral Healing

A dignified monument to the dead in Wandsworth Cemetery

Ancestral Healing is a branch of Yin House Feng Shui, the side of Feng Shui that looks after our relationship with the dead.

People around the world believe that they feel their ancestors long after they’re gone. In Taoist and Buddhist thought, this is a major factor in what determines our mental and emotional health. A great many problems are faced by people because of the unresolved trauma of their ancestors or those connected to their ancestors.

Some of the disturbing emotions that may be connected to ancestral trauma include:

    • Depression and/or grief
    • Anger and/or irritability
    • Anxiety and/or fear
    • Negative self talk and low self esteem

All these feelings are normal given an appropriate context. For example, if you have to go for a new job interview, it’s normal to feel anxious. However if you feel that every time you need to leave the house, then the emotion is no longer timely and is arising irrespective of your life’s circumstances. Similarly, it’s normal to feel grief and sadness when going through a bereavement. But if these feelings arise within without any context, we may often find resolution by looking into the wellbeing of our ancestors.

There are many other things that often arise from Yin house issues:

    • Insomnia
    • Self oppositional behaviour
    • Thought loops
    • Low energy levels and loss of sex drive
    • Relationship difficulties
    • Inability to hold on to wealth

Tackling these issues takes more than just awareness. It requires a deep understanding of the karmic laws which cause ancestral trauma to trickle down together with accurate diagnostics and correct means to bring lasting relief to those in spirit. We can help you diagnose your problems so that it’s clear whether their a yin house or yang house issue. We can also help you to bring lasting remediation to problems or work with you and your faith to mentor you to bring healing in your own tradition.